Friday, January 7th, 2005

Stars And Sons

The Broken Tsunami Scene show at Lee’s Palace on January 25 sold out at Ticketmaster in under two hours yesterday, and Rotate and Soundscapes’ stocks were done by day’s end as well. Some are speculating that the show will be moved to a larger venue like the Phoenix, but the fact that the show was announced for Lee’s in the first place when they certainly knew they could have sold out a larger venue with no problems says to me that they want to keep it at a smaller, more intimate venue – but who knows. Anyway, I got mine promptly at 10AM and thankfully Ticketbastard only charged me $3 more than one of the record stores would have (though I doubt that surcharge will be donated to charity), so I don’t feel excessively ripped off – just the regular amount.

But now that the ugliness of ticket acquisition is taken care of, we can begin to speculate as to what show itself has in store – I would expect the lineup to look a lot like the BSS shows at Lee’s in June of ’03, which was essentially an Arts & Crafts love-in. That is, Stars (who are on tour in Southern Ontario that week), Jason Collett and Apostle Of Hustle. There’s nothing on Feist’s tour calendar so if she’s in town I expect she’d be there. And while they’re not Arts & Crafts rosterees, extended family members Metric are doing two Toronto shows the previous weekend and aren’t due in Ottawa till the 26th, so while I wouldn’t go so far as to predict a full Metric set, Emily and James will almost certainly be playing with the Scene. Wow, that’d be all three BSS ladies performing at the same show… oh my.

The BBC lists off their picks for bands to break out in 2005. Oh good… more angular new wave throwback dance-rock to look forward to. Via LHB.

The Austin Chronicle lists off some of the 400-500 acts that have confirmed for SXSW in March. This site won’t be becoming a SXSW blog, but you can expect that as the festival draws closer and more and more details come out, I will become positively giddy with anticipation, and you guys will just have to endure it. Sorry.

A reminder that Wilco are on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight and on PBS’ Austin City Limits with Bright Eyes this week (for Torontonians, it’s on midnight NEXT Friday, the 14th on WNED) – you can see a video sneak preview of the show here. Also, the NME reports that A Ghost Is Born will be getting re-released in some expanded form to coincinde with their UK tour starting in March. Will this be a UK-only release? What sort of extras are we talking about? Only the Shadow knows, and he’s not talking.

Alas, Chart reports that The Sadies will not be backing Neko Case at the Phoenix on January 16. Who is? Only the Sha– never mind.

np – Lush / Split

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  1. david says:

    The BBC list of breaking acts was hardly groundbreaking.

    Arts & Crafts can have as many love-ins as they want, I love the label.

    Have you seen Donewaiting’s SXSW blog?


  2. D. says:

    Say what you like about angular new wave throwback dance-rock, Bloc Party are the absolute business. Sometimes they even pass the ‘B-Sides as good as their A-sides’ benchmark test.

    It really isn’t a groundbreaking list though. Surely one besuited bunch of eightes-obsessed New Yorkers is enough for any scene, and since the Dears have released a couple of albums and appeared all over the radio and press surely they’re already ‘broken’?

    Moreover, if this is a poll on (Britain’s biggest website with tens of millions of readers worldwide) then the tipped acts must have enough support to not be considered ‘up and coming’ so much as ‘here now’.

  3. Frank says:

    Bloc Party – the recorded stuff I heard didn’t do much for me, but I liked some of the live radio session tracks a fair bit more. I don’t know if they’re really my cup of tea, but I’m not dismissing them.

  4. mike says:

    Where in the world did you hear about that Keren Ann/A Girl Called Eddy show that’ll be at the Horseshoe that you have indicated in your sidebar? Fuckin’ good news, especially the chance to see A Girl Called Eddy!!!! Her debut CD last year was one of the best releases that I heard last year.

  5. Frank says:

    mike – I emailed you about that one this afternoon. It was just added to the rootmeansquare website.

  6. solace says:

    the bloc party full length is killer. i wasn’t too impressed w/ the EP, but i’m really really enjoying the album. can’t wait to see em live.

  7. plus.medic says:

    Just my luck that the show sold out within 2hrs. If anyone happens to have spare tickets, please get in touch with me

  8. goldenfamile says:

    Caught the Wilco show on PBS last night…pretty decent although waaay too short…all songs from AGIB except for Ashes of American Flags.

    The guitar work of Tweedy and Cline was very @#% cool.