Monday, January 3rd, 2005

Sleepless & Tooting

Welcome back from holidays, everyone. Unless you’re still on holidays, in which case a pox on your house.

Poptones poses their always entertaining Questions Of Doom to “indie-chanteuse” (their words, not mine) Rachel Goswell. She talks about the recent Catch The Breeze anthology, the transition from Slowdive to Mojave 3 and what’s been spinning on her stereo lately (Jesse Sykes and Drive-By Truckers!). There’s also this slightly older but much longer and in-depth interview with Penny Black Music that covers almost the entire history of Slowdive and M3, including the admission that “A lot of Slowdive’s lyrics were rubbish. Why do you think we never printed the lyrics on the sleeves?”

I have to admit, when her long-awaited solo album Waves Are Universal came out last June, I was a little disappointed. The weight of expectation was pretty heavy, what with her vocal contributions on Spoon & Rafter being pretty minimal and her one lead vocal on Excuses For Travellers’ “Bringing Me Home” being so sublime. Hell, even the lead-in EP The Sleep Shelter was pretty good. Yet Waves somehow left me feeling disappointed – it was so delicate and so fey. I guess I was looking for something with the haunting power of the best Slowdive tracks or Ask Me Tomorrow, not the mainly acoustic, pastoral record that I got. However, with time, I’ve been able to appreciate Waves for what it is – a very pretty, if still somewhat slight folk record. I guess there’s something to realizing that her singing Neil Halstead’s songs are something quite different from her singing her own songs. Still, I hope that we’ll be hearing more of her on the new Mojave 3 record due out sometime this year.

MP3: Rachel Goswell – “Sleepless & Tooting”

Filter is streaming the new Doves single, “Black and White Town”, taken from the new album Some Cities out March 1.

The Secret Machines play the Mod Club on February 2, and I’m not just telling you that because Warner Bros. asked me to.

I said I wasn’t going to link any more 2004 posts, but when they’re as great as Brooklynvegan’s best shows of 2004 (complete with photos and live mp3s), I have to make an exception. Just another reminder of why I would probably die of exhaustion in under a month if I lived in New York City.

I went rock climbing last night for the first time, and while I don’t necessarily hurt as much as I’d expected, I am concerned about the fact that my hands are fucked up. There’s little gripping strength in either this morning, which is fine, I expected that, but my left middle finger has no strength in it whatsoever and I can’t even bend it all the way in. There’s no pain or anything when I try, it just won’t do it. Typing is a little hit or miss this morning, but considering I also call my left hand my fretting hand, I’m a little panicked. Someone tell me this will get better in a day or two. Seriously.

This is what I get for trying something new.

Update: I have slowly been getting mobility in my finger back over the course of the morning. Thank GOD.

np – Swervedriver / Mezcal Head

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  1. Gary Campbell says:

    It’ll pass. You’ll feel right as rain soon enough. What you didn’t say is whether you actually *liked* rock climbing or not.

  2. Frank says:

    oh yeah, I did like it, I’m just preoccupied with this wizened claw that I used to call my left hand.

  3. Torr says:

    Yeah, I agree about Rachel’s full-length being quite underwhelming. Hopefully Mojave 3 will keep up the quality and put out another great album this year. btw, you can get an mp3 of Doves new a-side at my site ;-)

  4. fink-nottle says:

    hey, brooklynvegan’s got a live version of sufjan doing the star spangled banner…been lookin’ for that ever since his lee’s palace show.

  5. bozairzere says:

    i’m with you on rachel’s lp, after waiting

    ages for it. great interviews, thanks! did you get the new years eve wilco yet? any good? dumb question i know….

  6. Rachel says:

    Does anyone know if Neil Halstead is planning on doing any more solo projects? How’s the claw after a day of work?

  7. Coolfer Glenn says:

    C’mon, admit it. Warner Bros asked you to mention the Secret Machines’ tour date. Not only that, I’ll bet half your comments come from the Warner Bros head office.

    (kidding, of course)

    That’s a good attachment to any post about a Warner Bros artist. Transparency is key. I think I’ll start doing the same.

  8. brian says:

    hmm. i’ve been anxiously awaiting that doves album. i have to say i’m decidedly underwhelmed with the single.

    at the beginning i thought they were covering martha and the vandellas. "heat wave", anyone?

  9. Kelly Reynolds O Connor says:

    Thanks for writing about Mojave 3 and their members. I only just discovered them last year and I haven’t looked back.