Saturday, January 29th, 2005

Radio, Live Transmission

Check out this week’s edition of CBC Radio 3 for a master list of their past 102 radio sessions (and some live concert sets). The recent Arcade Fire has already spread around the interweb like ebola, but there’s scads more in the vaults. It’s not just the music that’s worthwhile, but the presentation is terrific – the essays and photos that accompany the sessions really enhance the experience. Is it wrong that this is one of the things that makes me most proud to be Canadian? Nuts to universal health care, I want my tax dollars to go towards bringing the rock, thank you very much. There’s truly an embarrassment of riches here, I can’t even start naming names of who they’ve got there – but I will say that the Sigur Ros and Feist sets are fine places to start. Go now and marvel.

American Music Club has released a live album recorded at the Rex Theatre in Pittsburgh in November of last year. A Toast To You is available off their website for $10 plus shipping, they also have the tracklisting. It’s good to see “Amusing Interlude #2” finally make it onto a CD, but I’m still hoping for a studio version.

Mercury Rev’s The Secret Migration, released in the UK this past Monday, has a North American street date of May 3. Initial reviews are good.

I always like it when a new issue of Exclaim! hits the streets (and web) – more content to post. Case in point – the Feb issue brings us a couple short pieces on M83 (article), Low ((article) and a cover feature on Bright Eyes (article).

Junkmedia talks to Wilco axeman Nels Cline about balancing his solo projects and being a member of Wilco. And tangentially, Drag City has confirmed that 2005 will see a second Loose Fur album.

I was in the mood for a little stupid at the video store yesterday, and so came home with Anchorman. Whole lotta stupid there, but I was in the right mindset so it was laugh out loud funny for most of it, particularly the news team rumble. I would have liked it if it were even more over the top than it was, but that’s just me.

Can’t think of a better way to start the weekend than having an order of music waiting for me in the mailbox. I’ll be spending the next few days getting acquainted with the sounds of January’s Motion Sickness and the self-titled releases from On! Air! Library! and Pacific UV. Expect some commentary in the next little while.

np – On! Air! Library! / On! Air! Library!

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  1. garry says:

    Great post. :)

  2. John says:

    Frank, amen to the CBC 3 website.

    Anchorman; I hate to disagree it wasn’t that funny. The only real funny part is when he tells San Diego to go f*&k themselves and is completely oblivious to what he had done. I found that funny having taken Media in college and messed around someones script.

  3. Mark says:

    I agree whole-heartedly with you about Anchorman. Brick’s character made it watchable though. Random seems to be the new funny:

    Ron Burgundy: Last time I looked in the dictionary, my name’s Ron Burgundy. What’s your name?

    Brian Fantana: Brian Fantana.

    Champ Kind: Champ Kind.

    Brick Tamland: Brian Fantana.

    Brian Fantana: No, you’re Brick.

    Brick Tamland: Brian.

    Brian Fantana: I’m Brian.

    Brick Tamland: Veronica.

  4. DJMonsterMo says:

    Thanks for the CBC link. I tried to find a way to get the source audios, but alas, no luck. Great sets, though.

  5. joe says:

    That was an awesome link. I didn’t even know that the CBC had a CBC3. I thought it was just 1 and 2.

    And despite all of those awesome bands, I can’t believe there isn’t a session with Broken Social Scene..

  6. Joe says:

    You can stream the full concerts from all the live shows and studio sessions on this other CBC sponsered site:


  7. ovenking says:

    hope you dig motion sickness as much as i do. 2004’s numbah one album, as far as i’m concerned.