Thursday, January 13th, 2005

Kids Don't Follow

Hold My Life brings us one of the coolest things I’ve seen in ages – high-quality live video concert footage of a ridiculously young and raw Replacements circa 1991 1981, courtesy of their old label, TwinTone.

While it’s nice that the TwinTone website is finally putting up some decent material from their vaults, it’s still a crime that there’s not definitive ‘Mats resource on the web. went AWOL a little while ago and all Google has otherwise are pages for that Keanu Reeves movie of the same name. Someone should do something about that. Someone besides me.

Update: Jeff submits Color Me Impressed – certainly looks promising to me!

eye runs a cover story on Emm Gryner, talking to her about her new record Songs Of Love And Death, out Tuesday.

The Gedge rattles off ten favourite album for The Wedding Present’s Take Fountain is out February 15.

Hooray to me for getting a namecheck in this week’s Anti-Hit List for linking the new Doves single, “Black & White Town” a little while back. And for an encore, here’s the video. (Via Poptart) A touch ironic that a song called “Black & White Town” would be their first promo clip shot in colour, no? Some Cities is out March 1, and preliminary reviews are very good.

Scenestars is first out of the box with the new Idlewild single, “Love Steals Us From Loneliness”. The album, Warnings/Promises is out March 8 (I think/hope). Torr reports that Idlewild will be at SXSW this year, along with ten other Scottish bands enjoying the fruits of government arts grants.

Ex-Helium frontwoman Mary Timony releases Ex-Hex, her first album for Lookout!, in mid-April. More details from Billboard.

While there is no Toronto date yet, Steve Earle is touring across Canada at the end of February – graphing distance versus time, we see that a February 28 show in Winnipeg should hopefully hopefully translate into a Toronto show at the very start of March… assuming this isn’t just a western swing and he’s going home after the ‘Peg. But, fingers crossed that he will make it over here and that it’ll be at Massey Hall and not the Kool Haus…

NOW previews Neko Case’s show this Sunday at the Phoenix, asking her about the making of The Tigers Have Spoken. She also talks about the making of her new studio album and confesses that we’ll be lucky to see a Fall release date – the original Spring target is right out.

NOW also points out that The Comas’ show February 16 at Lee’s is free! Excellent.

My Blog Is Poop lists off twenty-four reasons they love 24. From Information Leafblower.

This Super Mario Bros sheet music almost makes me wish I still knew how to play piano. Almost.

np – The Radio Dept. / Lesser Matters

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  1. mattS says:

    I think that’s 1981, not 1991. And wow, great find!

  2. Frank says:

    typo duly noted and corrected, thanks.

  3. Jeff says:

    This Mats site has potential:


    Thanks for the link to the vids. Great stuff!

  4. david says:

    Thanks for the Mats link, Jeff.

  5. thom says:

    wow, thanks for the link.

  6. rob says:

    awesome find. thanks!

  7. boss says:

    Are u sure all video clips of Doves were in black and white. I think "Catch the sun" is a colored one… But maybe i can’t remember well…

  8. Jason says:

    In the 90s, the skyway was an awesome mailing list that geared towards the Mats.