Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

"For Every Sprinkle That I Find, I Shall Kill You!"

The back-from-the-dead Family Guy will make it’s much-belated third-season premiere on May 1 at 9pm. WRITE IT DOWN.

Donewaiting’s SXSW blog has more info on acts performing at this year’s festival. One big name is Elvis Costello playing SXSW for the first time ever – I highly doubt I’ll get in to see that one. Part of me wants to start making a list of the acts I want to see and researching others, and the other part of me is saying why even bother. I’ll just walk around Austin and follow the smell of BBQ.

Arcade Fire did a session yesterday for KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, in which they performed a number of songs including a cover of The Magnetic Fields’ “Born On A Train”, which was also a staple of Lake Holiday’s set for, um, one show or so. But we did also do a nice recording of it which I don’t have online at the moment. Perhaps Five Seventeen will get around to uploading our second EP to his My Mean Magpie online label sometime in the near future? Update: Stereogum has an mp3 of their “Born On A Train” cover. Update 2: Bradley’s Almanac one-ups the Stereogum with the whole MBE set mp3-ed for your non-streaming enjoyment. Tip from Syntax Of Things. Coolfer weeps.

The Times is confounded by Feist. From Pop (All Love), who has also posted a column on the singer from the end of last year.

New Order spills the beans to NME about their new album Waiting For The Siren’s Call, out March 29. NME insists they clean them up.

Talk about ridiculous – Metric have added a fourth show at the Mod Club for January 24 – this one licensed – and I will bet you it is the same people who have bought tickets for the first three sold-out shows. It’s a vicious cycle, folks, and it won’t stop till someone is dead. Or broke. Or dead broke.

Hirsute Southern gentlemen The Kings Of Leon will be at the Opera House on March 2, with The Features as support.

Wavelength celebrates its fifth anniversary as ground zero for the Toronto indie-rock scene this year! To celebrate, they’re holding a weekend of eclectic shows from February 10 to 13 at a variety of venues. The lineups are too expansive for me to retype, so check out the post on 20Hz for the lowdown.

24I have to give credit to the producers this season – they’ve mastered the art of milking a dramatic moment just long enough but without crossing the line into incredulity. Jack and the cops? They got a cliffhanger out of it for last week’s episode, wrap it up, move on. The pacing this year is excellent – once again, this episode was taut start to finish. Giving Jack 10 minutes to get in and out and avoid a missile strike? Sure, why not. And I’ll admit it – when Beruz’s mom handed him the gun, I was almost yelling at the screen, “SHOOT HER! SHOOT HER! AND SHOOT YOUR DAD TOO!” Now how many television shows can drive a reasonable person to condoning patricide? Not nearly enough. Sooo good. And oh yeah… BYE CHLOE!!! End spoilers.

The Guardian looks at the science of determing what will and will not be a hit song. There is something fundamentally sinister about this technology. I picture it looking like a single giant red light embedded in a wall. Open the pod bay doors, HMI.

It was -23 this morning, -33 with the wind chill. THAT’S KELVIN, PEOPLE. My boogers will never unfreeze.

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  1. Torr says:

    Now you’re speaking Canadian. What does it mean that one of the Metric shows is "licensed"?

  2. Frank says:

    Licensed = licensed to serve alcohol = not all ages = 19+

  3. Big Geek says:

    You mean Celsius(centigrade), as negative Kelvin temperatures are impossible due to the fact that at 0 degree’s Kelvin all molecular motion ceases.

  4. Frank says:

    no, I meant Kelvin CAUSE IT’S THAT COLD.

    I assume you knew I was being facetious, and you were being facetious in turn, making this post a giant tornado of facetiousness.

  5. chris says:

    wait, so chloe’s really gone?? like, not coming back ever?? there’s got to be some way to get her back. They are going to need her for something and jack is going to demand that she be reinstated……damn……she was looking hot this year too…she was wearing a bit more makeup and dressing a bit ho-ier….still looks like a duck, but anyway…..is she really gone???

  6. patrick says:

    Of course I knew you were being silly, I just like throwing out random facts like that to be an ass. My local FOX broadcaster went out during the last 10 minutes of 24 last night so I haven’t a clue what happened at the end. Oh well.

    I was hoping that Chloe was going to hook up with the big dude.

  7. Five One Seven says:

    patrick… bittorrent… it how us non-tv owning types get to watch tv.


    (note to self: do not read Frank’s comments on Wednesdays. I love Chloe!)

  8. graig says:

    The Arcade Fire Morning Becomes Electric show broken out into songs and mp3’d


  9. graig says:

    dope… didn’t notice you’d already updated….ugh

  10. Nav says:

    Metric have become the Mod Club house band. I’m guilty of buying tickets to two of the shows, but I still think it’s ridiculous.

  11. Carla says:

    Oh man, too bad I might not be around for the Wavelength anniversary. Been wanting to see Final Fantasy again since he opened for Xiu Xiu in the summer. Have fun at the shows!

  12. merckeda says:

    "Jan 25, 2005 – Broken Social Scene, Apostle Of Hustle, Jason Collett @ Lee’s Palace"

    You know this for sure? No Feist or Stars? I’m hoping your list is all conjecture.

  13. Frank says:

    not conjecture, just hearsay. Someone posted AoH and JC as confirmed openers on a bulletin board somewhere and I went with it. I would be astonished if that was it, though – I’m going in fully expecting Stars and Feist and Matric in attendance, either as support acts or part of the Scene.

  14. Nav says:

    I figure Stars will play a set and Feist, Emily and James will all play as part of the Scene, but you never know.

  15. Pete says:

    hmmm well with Chloe being gone I guess it moves things on a bit, but somehow I see her comming back into the picture. It’s a shame Debbie’s gone, she was so cute. Great show none the less, they are throwing the twists in and I like it. Next week! the rescue!

  16. Steve says:

    What an amazing take on the Magnetic Fields song! This blog is the best!!!