Friday, December 17th, 2004

Whiskey Bottle

I actually wasn’t going to post today – we had our company Christmas party last night and I was expecting (hoping?) to be so completely out of commission this morning that writing anything beyond, “Hungover. Come back tomorrow” would have been a Herculean feat. But, as it turns out, when you’re out cold by 10:40PM, you tend to wake up extra early the next morning (not especially hungover, amazingly) and with a lot of time on your hands. And so here we are.

And for the record? Alberta Springs is some nasty, nasty, nasty, NASTY shit. Vile, even. You’ve been warned.

Two more pieces on StarsChart and JAM! both profile the band. A little sleuthing (read: asking) has revealed the opening acts for this weekend’s shows at the Mod Club. Saturday night, I will be seeing The String Section start things up – no, I have no idea who they are and a Google search on “string section” is the very definition of futility – and on Sunday, the underagers get to experience the dulcet tones of Chad Van Gaalen, whom I’ve never heard but have been told is quite good.

More Cowbell has posted his year-end list in two parts – one and two.

The new New Order album is indeed called Sugarcane – thanks Shaunna. Out March 28.

Okay, I totally need to go back to sleep now.

np – Bettie Serveert / Palomine

By : Frank Yang at 9:25 am
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  1. Pleasant Plains says:

    I always favor the Canadian whiskys over the American stuff, myself.

  2. shaunanananana says:

    you’re welcome!

  3. bozairzere says:

    try some bushmills frank!

  4. thomaus says:

    Frank, you must have been raised right. Your posts are almost always in order as far as grammer and spelling are concerned (and interesting, tasteful, etc.). This is contrasted by the link you gave to More Cowbell. Nice list, but an editor or spell-checker would be helpful there.

  5. Rachel says:


  6. brian says:

    hmm… well, stars have a string section in tow for these shows, so maybe it’s them?