Wednesday, December 15th, 2004

Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincloud

With just over two weeks left in Guided By Voices’ illustrious career, Hold My Life compiles some choice Bob Pollard trash-talking stage banter. Some favourites:

“I think Bob Dylan sucks. Bob Dylan never wrote a good song”.

“If the guy next to you ever bought a Counting Crows album, punch him in the face!”

Yoshimi Versus the Pink Robots? My fourth graders could have come up with a better album title.”

Ah Bob, we’ll miss you. And so will Budweiser.

JAM! looks back at the year in Feist and reveals that her inevitable domination of America begins next March, when Let It Die gets a State-side release.

InSite Atlanta talks to Drive By Trucker Patterson Hood about Southern accents. From Golden Fiddle.

Productshop NYC assembles a very comprehensive year-end post.

Stereogum has another track from the new Mercury Rev album, The Secret Migration. I dunno, I’ve heard two tracks now and they’re not doing too much for me. Perhaps the album as a whole is more impressive.

You know all the hassle I went through trying to find a used widescreen copy of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind this Fall? Well they’re putting out a double-disc collector’s edition on January 4. I swear, sometimes I hate the world.

Stylus ranks the top indie labels of 2004 all scientific-like, based on the quality of their releases this year. Merge rules the school.

Of Montreal help kick off Over The Top Fest 2005 with a show at Rockit on April 23, tickets $10 in advance.

It’s one of those table scrap days, and I wager there’ll be more of these than less before the year is out. I may very well have to start making shit up to fill out a post… news flash! Interpol’s Carlos D has herpes! What? You mean someone’s already done that one? Sheesh (the blog in mention,, is no longer in existance, but it was funny while it lasted). Note: Chromewaves in no way, shape or form condones the spreading of baseless rumours about nattily-dressed young musicians from New York City spreading venereal diseases amongst the general populace.

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  1. travis says:

    So much to comment on here. But the new Eternal Sunshine DVD is the only thing that makes me mad. I should just give up on buying DVDs altogether, I always get jerked with special editions.

  2. Matt says:

    It doesn’t look like a particularly great ‘Special Edition’…most of those special features are the ordinary disc. Still irritating though.

  3. sam says:

    eternal sunshine of the spotless mind: thanks for the tip, frank!! this weekend i was gonna rent it but they only had full frame copies, i went over to the used disc section and would’ve taken a copy with me but they again only had full frames. now i’ll wait for the 2-disc edition before renting it for the first time :) a sincere thanks :)

  4. mr g says:

    the eternal sunshine thing is certainly annoying. the first disc looks to be identical to the one i currently own, so i feel pretty annoyed that i’ll have to pay so much for one disc of extras.

    however, i’m not too broken up about it. it’s my favorite film in years (since tenenbaums), and now i’ll be able to give my current copy as a gift to a friend of mine who still hasn’t seen it.

    happy holidays, and damn you focus features!!