Thursday, November 4th, 2004

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NOW previews a couple shows on my calendar this week. First off, there’s Luna’s farewell show at Lee’s Palace on Sunday night, and then on Monday night there’s the Velvet Crush (whose crappy website has gone AWOL completely), opening for Matthew Sweet at the Mod Club (and Pulse Of The Twin Cities has a piece on Matthew, courtesy of Largehearted Boy).

The Crushing Sweetness show, as I just decided to call it and which I’m sort of regretting now that I see it on the screen, will be one big power pop love-in, with Sweet and his bassist Tony Marsico playing with Paul Chastain, Ric Menck and Peter Phillips as Velvet Crush, and then the same lineup backing Sweet for his set. I expect they’ll be playing material to promote their latest album Stereo Blues, which I honestly found to be a modest disappointment. They try too hard to bring the rock and that’s just not where their strengths lie. I expect to be one of many who wants to hear more Teenage Symphonies material, but whichever way they go it should be a good show. Hell, at $25 a ticket it damn well better be.

Billboard declares The Shins to be “successes”. I’m sure they’re pleased to hear it.

Not many shows being announced as the calendar year winds down, but there’s still a trickle. Like that The Gossip are at Lee’s Palace December 5. And some more info on the Stars show at the Mod Club December 18 – tickets are $15 and Gentleman Reg is opening.

Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again has given a lot of thought to what the outcome of the Presidential election means to those on the left, and what happens next. The Incredible Hulk has some more succinct thoughts on the topic.

Thinking about fleeing the United States? Harpers offers some helpful tips. Or we can look into redrawing the borders along partisan lines – this proposal looks pretty good to me, or this one (from More Cowbell). Though that reminds me – I’m going to be in Chicago in a week. I should really figure out what I’m going to do there.

np – Superchunk / Come Pick Me Up

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  1. tankboy says:

    what days are you in chicago? i can offer some suggestions…