Sunday, October 17th, 2004

Weakest Shade Of Blue

The Pernice Brothers have revealed a little more info on their upcoming live album/DVD. On the audio side, it’ll have a show culled from two nights at the Mercury Lounge in New York from this past January and the DVD will contain live footage from all over combined with wacky ‘on the road’ hijinks and the music videos for “Baby In Two” and “Weakest Shade Of Blue”, which you can also see on the website. They’re shooting for a Thanksgiving release (late November, for non-Americans) and it’ll be available almost exclusively through mail order domestically – it may get proper distribution overseas.

And on a Boston-related note, I found this as a search string in my referer logs yesterday: “odds of red sox winning from three nothing defecit”. Oh you poor, poor bastards.

Caught The Manchurian Candidate at the Bloor last night. Some interesting bits of political commentary, especially in the current climate, but the main story was too absurd to really consider as social commentary. I didn’t think Denzel Washington was nearly paranoid enough considering the scope of the conspiracy he was beginning to unravel, but that’s neither here nor there. Meryl Streep was suitably over-the-top hammy as Liev Schrieber’s manipulative Senator mommy though also creepy where the film demanded it. And in the ‘just odd’ department were Robyn Hitchcock’s brief appearance as a bad guy and having the film’s climax play out over Fountains Of Wayne’s “Better Days”. Overall it was just alright, nothing really special. Though I think John Kerry should keep a sharp eye on that John Edwards fellow. He looks a little shifty.

Jon Stewart is on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. Excerpt from the cover story here. I haven’t bought an issue of Rolling Stone in many many years, but I *may* have to put aside my general disdain for it this week.

Craploads of Calexico downloads available here. Don’t forget their World Drifts In DVD just came out and it’s supposed to be excellent. From Sixeyes.

Rolling Stone runs a brief piece announcing the dissolution of Luna. From LHB.

Cause you all know I’m a covers whore – Stylus compiles a list of ten cover versions that altered the meaning of a song.

Tickets for the December 2 Feist show at The Phoenix will run you fifteen bones, on sale now. Ah, hell – I think I’ll go to this.

np – Tift Merritt / Bramble Rose

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  1. John says:


    Let me get this straight, you a covers whore, a concert whore and a blogging whore…. am I leaving anything out? Just kidding

    Frank what your take on the list from Stylus?

  2. Frank says:

    yes, I’m an all-around whore. Except in the conventional sense, ironically.

    I can’t really comment too much on the Stylus list as I’m not really familiar with a lot of the songs, either original or cover or both. Sad, yes. But I agree with the Johnny Cash/NIN analysis – hated the original, love the cover. Cash turns the song from cliche into something true. The Cowboy Junkies cover works better than Cat Power’s, IMO, and I just hate Clapton.