Friday, October 22nd, 2004

No Distance Left To Run

Call off the celebrations – Designer Magazine claims to have spoken to Graham Coxon since the rumours that he’d rejoined Blur began circulating, and he pretty much shoots them all down. While he admits that he’d been out socially with his (former) bandmates, he dimisses the reunion by saying:

“It’s not true at all. Of course not. Is anything you’ve ever read in the Mirror true? Can you read any evidence that what the headline said was true within the piece? All that piece says is that I’m definitely recording another solo album with Stephen Street, it doesn’t really say anything about me joining Blur at all. So the headline is wrong for what the piece is. It should be ignored.”

So that would appear to be that. I’m not surprised, but am disappointed – I’ve taken to relistening to my Blur records and they really were brilliant with him. And YES I will get around to listening to Think Tank. Leave me alone, already. But if some good has come out of this little brou-ha-ha, it’s that I’m rediscovering how much I love his guitarwork and am trying to work a little more of his style into my hamfistedness.

Gothamist continues their “What do you love about New York City” series with Death Cab For Cutie, Largehearted Boy has links to a couple recent Death Cab shows in FLAC/Bit Torrent format and Punk Rock Vids has a video of their performance of “Title and Registration” on The John McEnroe Show from this past July. It’s a little ways down the page, be careful not to get any emo on you on your way there.

The Morning News takes a look at Arthur Lee and Love, touring Forever Changes nearly 40 years after the album’s release. I wish wish wish he’d bring the show up here – he was supposed to play Lee’s Palace back in the Summer of 2002, but was stopped at the border because of his criminal record (Lee served some jail time for weapons charges in the 90s) – as much as I wish otherwise, I don’t expect they’ll clear that up any time soon. A damn shame, sez I. Link from Coolfer.

Joe Pernice is really really happy about the Red Sox winning the AL pennant. From For The Records.

Pop (All Love)’s day job is writing for The National Post and he’s started a second blog for his past articles since much of their online content is for subscribers only (resisting temptation to take cheap shot at National Post…) – instead, he’s got a second blog to publically archive his work, like this interview with Elvis Costello

Jeff Tweedy rates all of Wilco’s albums for The Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Comic Book Resources talks to scribe Mark Millar about the second volume of The Ultimates, which starts next month. I’ve never liked The Avengers but The Ultimates was a terrific take on the super-team concept. The first series was done in by constant delays in production and shipping, hence Marvel’s decision to cancel the title, regroup, and start a second series when they had enough material to guarantee a publication schedule.

The New York Times weighs in on the Jon Stewart-Crossfire incident.

I was riding my bike home from work yesterday and this little bird flies right into my chest, bounces off and onto the street. I stopped to see if it was alright and it was just sort of staggering around. When I reached down to pick him up, he managed to get his little birdbrain together enough to fly off into a nearby park to get his head together. You gotta be careful out there, fella.

np – Blur / The Great Escape

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  1. tankboy says:

    i still think coxon will rejoin blur…he’s just blowing smoke right now to keep attention on his solo disc since he’s double a double a-side coming out next week…but blur is definitely in his future.

  2. Frank says:

    I hope you’re right but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  3. Paul says:

    I hope neither of you are right. I like Coxon and all, but Think Tank would have completely been ruined if Graham had "rocked it up." I love the new Blur direction and, on the side, I love Coxon’s latest album. But I wouldn’t ever want to mash that crap together.

  4. jonathan says:

    yeah, I kind of agree. I still can’t help wanting Graham back, though, even though I think that Think Tank is Blur’s best record since Parklife and that’s partly to do with the freedom the band have had without all those guitars. But sometimes you end up investing in a band, and I just want a happy ending :-)