Thursday, October 7th, 2004

Last Minute Shakedown

The final word has come down on the Son Volt reunion, and it’s this – Jay and the band name are back, but the Boquists and Mike Heidorn are not. They were “unable to reach acceptable business terms” and the Son Volt lineup will now feature all-new players. Says Jay:

“Times change, and so do people, I guess. While I was looking forward to the reunion aspect of working with those guys, it just wasn’t meant to be. It’ll be liberating to get down to work with a different group of musicians. I had always envisioned Son Volt as a vehicle for my songwriting and expected it to evolve over the years. When I reformed the original band this year to record our track for Por Vida it seemed like we might be able to extend that two-day session into two years of recording and touring–but it doesn’t look that way now.

There is naturally much grumbling from the faithful about using the Son Volt name with a whole new lineup (some are calling it “Guns’N’Volts” though I think “Sons’N’Roses” sounds better) – me, I don’t know how I feel about it, necessarily. I’m disappointed that things didn’t work out but what’s in a name, really? I will wait and see what the music is like before giving it a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’. I do think they totally blew it in making the announcement before all i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed – they had gotten everyone so worked up that now it can’t help but seem like a disappointment. The negotiations and breakdown thereof absolutely should not have been done in public, now everyone just looks bad. Regardless, the studio webcam will be going live on October 12, with the album hopefully coming out mid-next year. There will also be an anthology compiling album cuts along with rare or unreleased material coming out around the same time for those still craving a taste of the original lineup.

Fear Of Speed talks to American Music Club drummer Tim Mooney and singer Mark Eitzel in separate interviews about how the reunion came about and the making of Love Songs For Patriots. Apparently Mark is having trouble making heads or tails of cascading style sheets for his website. Love Songs should be out everywhere very very shortly, if not already. Get it. They also have a nice interview with Jesse Sykes. It’s a nice site – why have I not heard of it before?

CNN talks to Paul Westerberg about Folker and the ‘Mats reunion that never was. From Largehearted Boy.

NOW and eye both profile Interpol in advance of their show at The Docks next Wednesday. And if that’s not enough Interpol for you, bassist Carlos Dengler will be doing a DJ set at the Dance Cave that night at 10:00, cover $8.

A couple shows… UK buzzband of the moment Razorlight are at Lee’s Palace November 4, tickets on sale now for $12.50, and The Unicorns play an all-ages Hallowe’en show at the Vatikan (no I don’t know where that is) October 27, cover $8. And some ticket prices – Luna at Lee’s November 7 is $17.50, Matthew Sweet and Velvet Crush at the Mod Club November 8 is $25 (ouch!), Sufjan Stevens at Lee’s November 16 it $14. All on sale now. Doing the math for all the tickets I need to get, including those for other people, and… ow. Better hit a bank machine. Update: Razorlight appears to have been cancelled. Don’t ask me, I don’t know.

np – Sonic Youth / Sonic Nurse

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