Tuesday, October 12th, 2004

Ghost Wiring

Mint Records’ new official Neko Case bio details the rationale for and making of her new live album The Tigers Have Spoken, out November 9. She says that she deliberately wanted to make a more vibrant, positive-sounding record to contrast her darker, torchier stuff. “When we play,” says Neko, “people always come up and say, ‘Are you going to do some upbeat stuff? Are you ever going to bring a drummer?’ This record’s sort of for them.” Having attended one of the seven shows that was recorded to produce this album, I’m very excited to hear the finished product. If the streaming sample track provided on the website is any indication, it’s going to be an amazing record. Her new studio record should be out next Spring.

Gothamist finds out about Ted Leo’s New York City. Thanks to The Real Janelle for sending me the link.

The new Ivy record is complete and has a release date scheduled for February 1. No title or tracklisting yet, but they hope to have some samples up on their website sooner rather than later. The band has also contributed a cover of “A Peanuts Christmas” to this year’s Nettwerk Christmas album.

The Constantines are playing a double-header at Lee’s Palace on November 27 – one all-ages matinee and a licensed evening show. Because, obviously, they are fun for the whole family. Pick Grandma up at the rest home and bring a picnic lunch.

Sam Raimi tells Superhero Hype that the Spider-Man franchise will likely wrap after the third film (for the best, I say – quit while you’re ahead) and discusses the extra 30-40 seconds of action footage he wants to add to the Spider-Man 2.5 DVD that’ll come out early next year. The non-special, integer edition DVD is out end of next month.

Just noticed that Ryan Adams’ “My Hand Ain’t Broke No More So I Can Give Jim DeRogatis The Finger” tour will also be coming through Chicago the same weekend I will be there, as will the Pixies cash-grab roadshow. I’ve already got my Luna and American Music Club tickets and those were my absolute first choices for both nights anyways, but wow that’s a lot of good shows to pick from for one weekend.

np – Old 97’s / Wreck Your Life

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  1. david says:

    I think you’re making the right choices in Chicago. I turned down a free ticket to the Pixies tonight and don’t feel any remorse whatsoever. Of course, the house party with Steve Earle should be entertaining, too…

  2. Paul says:

    Oh, are you coming up to Nashville for the Uptown Mix show, david? I’m about 75% sure I *might* be there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    New Ivy record! Woo Hoo!

  4. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the Neko tip – Iv’e seen her live with Her Boyfriends, with Carolyn Mark and Kelly Hogan and with the New Pornographers – she’s always amazing.

  5. thomaus says:

    The photo of Neko sure has a more flattering outfit than the blue mop/blouse she wore during the recording at Lee’s (link from your photos: http://…/ ).

  6. kurmidt says:

    feel bad saying this, but when i saw the pic on here, i thought "who’s the guy with the breasts wearing a wig?"

    i do love you neko.