Tuesday, October 5th, 2004

A Sea Black With Ink

Well that was one crazy-ass traffic spike yesterday. Yow.

Just for the record, I’m writing this post in a not inconsiderable amount of discomfort. I seem to have pinched an incredibly painful nerve in my back, I had another muscle spasm in my left calf the other night and I’m coming down with a cold. NOT HAVING A GOOD TIME. But I’m here for you.

Haven’t had much Wilco content lately… let’s rectify that. I realize my jones for Jeff and the boys is a bit of a running joke, but the Britney-watch has sorta been done to death. I need a different angle. Anyway:

Firstly – much sleuthing has revealed the openers for this Saturday’s show at Massey Hall will be The Priscillas. Not these Priscillas, but THESE Priscillas. Apparently they’re a group of local scenesters (Tara from Elevator, Colleen from By Divine Right) who don beehive wigs and perform covers and originals. Should be interesting.

Secondly – The Chattanooga Pulse nabs not only a terrific interview with Jeff Tweedy about the tour, his anti-Bush rants and religion, but a crank call to the writer’s girlfriend.

Thirdly – the CD tracks from The Wilco Book have officially leaked. I’m not going to tell you where to get them, but they’re out there. And they’re… interesting.

And finally, Bradley’s Almanac has an mp3 of their performance of “Theologians” from Late Night With Conan O’Brien last week. I’ve never heard John Stirratt’s backing vocals so high in a mix before.

</Wilco content>

This week, I rule the school… press, anyway. My pics from Friday’s Arcade Fire show will be gracing both University of Toronto newspapers this week – The Varsity’s current issue is borrowing one pic and The Newspaper is running two other photos, including one for the cover, and my entire review in their next issue (out Thursday I think?). Reminds me of my days writing for the University of Waterloo student rag, The Imprint. Sure, the free CDs and concerts were nice but I really did it to associate with someone – anyone – who wasn’t an engineer for a change. Didn’t work, but hey.

The Independent gets Wayne Coyne to reflect a bit on the career of The Flaming Lips and look ahead into the future.

Great thanks to Dave Weiss who has graciously provided a much better quality mp3 of Lush’s cover of “Outdoor Miner”, the bonus cover for this week. I’ve uploaded it so if you grabbed the lousy-quality one earlier this week, try it again. Tangential thought – I really need to get some Wire. Pink Flag is the place to start, obviously?

I won passes to see an advance screening of I Heart Huckabees this Thursday from NOW! Yay. Reviews have been somewhat mixed, but I’m looking forward to it anyway. Watch for a review here Friday.

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  1. susan says:

    Well, the big three great Wire albums are Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, and 154, but all Wire fans I know seem to like a different one best. Personally, Pink Flag doesn’t do much for me, but Chairs Missing is one of my favorite records ever. Here’s my way-too-short-to-be-terribly-accurate shorthand for the comparative characteristics of the three albums:

    Pink Flag–poppy

    Chairs Missing–creepy / poppy

    154–just plain creepy

  2. Paul says:

    Also re: Wire — Don’t dismiss the ’80s stuff. Ideal Copy and A Bell is a Cup are both fantastic records.

  3. ross says:

    aw come on, dude.

    where did you get the wilco tracks?