Tuesday, September 7th, 2004

Marine Research

The newly-engaged Geekent (congratulations Graig and Emma-Jane, by the way) was gracious enough to lend me a stack of DVDs a few weeks ago which I’ve been slowly making my way through. Besides the first season of Sledge Hammer!, I got a sampling of the The Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim stuff. I’ve only watched a couple episodes of Space Ghost: Coast To Coast, but enough to know that I’m going to have to get my head into a particular space to properly appreciate the fairly gonzo humour, and I haven’t even started Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I have, however, powered through the first season of Sealab 2021, however, and that is some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a dog’s age – I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud so much. A ‘remix’ cartoon, it takes original footage from the 1972 cartoon series Sealab 2020 and hacks it up to give it new stories, dialogue, etc. I realize I’m way behind the curve on this one (and all these shows) but I don’t think we get them up here in the hinterlands of Canada. Cut me some slack.

Also addictive is the theme song by New York band Calamine. You’d think that hearing it thirty-odd times over the course of the DVD set, I’d be tired of it, but I’m not. You can download it from their website.

Rilo Kiley’s very slick new website is finally up and to make up for the delay, they’re offering the very cute video for the first single from More Adventurous, “It’s A Hit”. They will also be on Conan O’Brien October 6 and in Toronto at the Horseshoe on October 3. Tip from LHB.

Sam Phillips is at the Lula Lounge October 17. Is this old news or new news? I think I heard someone mention it a while back, but am pretty sure this is the first I’ve seen of it. Anyway.

Recording of the Bernard Butler/Brett Anderson album continues to go swimmingly and the duo are eyeing an early 2005 release date for it.

That seems to be it for today. Post-Labour Day doldrums, I guess. And FYI, updates will probably be showing up an hour later than usual for the next few months – work has gone off Summer hours so my morning routine has made to make room for an extra hour’s sleep. And while the extra hour of sleep is good – no, GREAT – I’d forgotten how much more traffic there is on the streets at 9AM versus 8AM. Though the fact that much of that traffic is made up of pretty girls, especially when I’m cutting through the university, helps somewhat.

np – Rilo Kiley / More Adventurous

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  1. bradley says:

    Oh man, I’m so glad you discovered the joy of Sealab. Just wait until you see Tinfins or Bizarro from Season 2.

    What’s your favorite Season 1 ep? I’m gonna have to go with All That Jazz. 30 minutes of Murphy trapped under a soda machine. Gold.

  2. Frank says:

    I think "Lost In Time" was the one that really got me. All the different Quinns and Stormys had me wetting myself. And "In The Closet". So good.

  3. graig says:

    I noticed that Teletoon (canada’s pathetic equivalent to Cartoon Network) is going to be airing the Brak Show (another brilliant Adult Swim cartoon) on Sundays at 11 (or 11:30, can’t remember which). Harvey Birdman may or may not be returning (the crappy Teletoon website is pretty disorganized). And Aqua Teen Hunger Force is moving to Saturdays at 11 (or 11:30 again not sure which)… of course those will be second season episodes which you currently posess at your abode.

    Favourite Sealab is easily "Lost In Time". "Sweet, 3:00, just in time for… Chopper Dave! BOOOM!"

    "All That Jazz" is a close second. I picked up a BeBop cola t-shirt at the local Con last weekend. I’m so proud.

    Thanks for the congrats, Frank.

  4. graig says:

    BTW. wondering what all those flavours of soda were in the Bebop cola machine… a friend of mine lists them here


  5. Ryan Waddell says:

    Man, I love the Adult Swim shows… I wish we had them all! I’ve gotten hooked on Harvey Birdman, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force is still taking a while to grow on me (Meatwad totally freaks me out)