Saturday, September 25th, 2004

How To Live Alone

Tiny Mix Tapes addresses the ever-growing epidemic of people going to concerts by themselves. This is a topic very near and dear to my heart and I can completely relate to much of it, as I am more often than not one of those very concertgoers flying solo at shows. Case in point – of the fifteen shows currently on the calendar over to the left, I know for certain that I’m going with someone to maybe three or four of them. I expect to run into people I know at a few more, but a lot of them are just going to be me by my lonesome. Why? Am I just naturally anti-social? Well, yes, probably, but mostly I just can’t be arsed to try and convince people to go with me.

In the past I’ve missed shows that I wanted to see on account of not being able to persuade anyone to accompany me, but now I simply don’t care. I’ll usually make some cursory inquiries if something’s coming up that I think one of my friends may like, but I’m not in the business of trying to sell anyone on anything – last thing I want is to feel responsible for someone having a good time. And really, it’s quite liberating. I go when I want, stand where I want, leave when I want. Yeah, there’s not much to do before and between sets, so I mostly just loiter at the front of the stage and fidget with my camera, but there’s worse fates.

Anyway, the article is a fun read and quite accurate in the general experience, particularly that last paragraph. I won’t get into further specifics save to say, “yes”. Ahem. I will, however, do the piece one better – I’m not only going to the American Music Club show in Chicago on my own, I’m flying to a foreign city to do so. That’s like a whole new level of solo concert-going, thanks. I rule the school.

And the title of this post is more appropriate (if less grammatically correct) if you pronounce “live” with a hard “i”. Like “live show”. This, of course, assumes that you read my post titles aloud, in which case I would strongly urge you to seek professional help. Or become my mindless disciple. Whichever.

Thanks to Garry for the tip-off that CBC Radio 3 this week features a lovely interview with The Shins soundtracked by a slew of live tracks. And if you need more Canadian government-sponsored radio goodness, check out this site, featuring downloadable audio from past shows.

Psst – Hey kid, wanna see some Pernice Brothers videos? Sure you do. All the cool kids are doing it.

Rolling Stone tries to prove they’re still hip with the kids by interviewing Interpol. Meanwhile, Miss, who IS hip with the kids, directs us here to download the band’s recent shows for France’s Black Sessions and the BBC. Antics is out Tuesday – everyone is all excited about this but I’m just kinda, meh. I’m sure I’ll get it but I’m not running over any old ladies on Tuesday to buy it. I’m doing that just for fun.

Aimee Mann is releasing a live CD/DVD set, Aimee Mann Live at St. Ann’s Warehouse. The DVD documents the show recorded in June of this year in Brooklyn while the CD, presumably, has different live tracks from the same tour. The DVD will also have a variety of bonus features, natch. Tracklisting and pre-order info here.

Billboard gets a sneak preview of the new Stephen Malkmus record, which won’t be out until April or May of next year.

A couple of interesting pieces from LA Weeklythis one looks at how the battle lines that were drawn between what has essentially become the ‘indie vs major’ mentalities and what it may herald for the future and this one debunks three myths about the music industry in this day and age. From Tim O Thompson via Catbirdseat

I Heart Huckabee’s website! From The Big Ticket! Opens October 1!

np – Saturday Looks Good To Me / All Our Summer Songs

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  1. Garry says:

    SWWWISH for CBC radio trois!

  2. Roger says:

    I was just pondering the whole going to shows alone thing the other day so it is funny that you commented on it today. I think most of my concert going has been usually by myself probably for the same reasons you mentioned. You just get used to it and the only difficult thing is waiting through the between bands time period. When there is a long wait between bands, that is when things can get rough standing around doing nothing.

    You have a great site and it is always a good read.

  3. Karen says:

    nothing wrong with flying solo at shows but i do agree with the waiting around. almost missed mission of burma, free tickets and all, because friends kept flaking. finally decided to just go alone. i knew i would’ve regretted it if i didn’t. if you’re in la and don’t want to see a show alone, let me know. :)