Sunday, September 5th, 2004

Combat Rock

The new issue of Under The Radar is out (Summer issue? Come on guys…), and it’s been dubbed their “protest issue”. What this entails is a bunch of very cool photos featuring indie-rati luminaries hoisting protest signs. There’s Sam Beam urging people to vote, Death Cab petitioning for the dissolution of the Senate, Dean Wareham wanting the USA out of Iraq’s pants, Bright Eyes wishing for a President who can read and Ted Leo just wanting health insurance.

In addition to providing an excellent photo spread, all the signs (which have been autographed) will be auctioned off on eBay starting October 1 and the proceeds donated to Music For America. I wonder if Hope Of The States knew about this part of things before they hoisted their, “Fuck E-Bay” sign for the camera. I think they’re just bitter about how much more it costs to get things shipped to the UK. But never mind the signs – I’d rather have high-res copies of the photos! Oh well, cheers to UTR for putting together a very cool idea for a good cause, but your website is still a mess. Please fix it. Thanks to Donewaiting for the link.

Thanks to Eugene for sending these links (and I found this one myself) to sample clips of Matthew Sweet’s new album Living Things, out Tuesday. It sounds… different. It’s a wise move on Sweet’s part to be releasing the electrified Kimi Ga Suki just a month later (October 5) for his fans who want the guitar-driven power pop because it sounds like this record is going to leave them scratching their heads.

Man, I cannot remember the last time I was drinking for three nights in a row. My poor head.

np – Ride / Carnival Of Light

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