Thursday, August 19th, 2004

The Sounds Of The Sounds Of Science

Check it out – Yahoo Movies has the first trailer for the new Wes Anderson film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It’s got a whole host of Anderson regulars (though no Kumar Pallana) and from the trailer, it looks pretty damn funny. And New Order’s “Ceremony” soundtracking it? Perfection. I’m waiting for the official soundtrack to be released to see what bands the patronage of Wes Anderson will elevate from obscurity to uber-hipness. The movie comes out December 1.

Here are some other things coming to the cinema this Fall worth getting excited about – is there anything I’m missing? The release date lists only seem to go as far as October.

  • Kerry Conran’s Sky Captain & The World Of Tomorrow, September 17 (see the trailer here)
  • David O Russell’s I Heart Huckabees, October 1 (see the trailer here)
  • Matt Stone & Trey Parker’s Team America: World Police, October (see the trailer here)
  • Pixar’s The Incredibles, November 5 (see the trailer here)
  • The rumour mill places Morrissey at the Hummingbird Centre on October 12. This is not confirmed, don’t go camp out for tickets yet. Or actually, do – I’ll bike by and laugh at you. Update: All signs are pointing to this information being correct. So NOW you can go grab your sleeping bags and annoy the employees at Ticketmaster.

    Not a rumour – some BC talent coming to town. Victoria’s Frog Eyes are at the Horseshoe September 27 ($7.00) and Vancouver’s The Organ on October 23 ($8.50).

    I’m really not normally one to nitpick reviews, but this line from Pitchfork’s review of The Hidden Cameras’ Mississauga Goddam had me doing a double-take: “Named for a dam in Gibb’s suburban Ontario hometown…”. Um, is he serious? Because if not, he forgot to make up a punchline for the joke. And if he is serious… well, he’s an idiot. Surely the press release mentioned it being a tribute to Nina Simone’s “Mississippi Goddam”? Because only EVERY other review and article on the planet has mentioned it. Either way, this is the lowest review for a Toronto band from PF in ages – I guess the honeymoon is over. Someone probably didn’t like being peed on.

    Take a sneak peak at the artwork for Luna’s Rendezvous, out October 26.

    Merge is re-releasing Camera Obscura’s debut record Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi on October 12.

    Largehearted Boy yesterday pointed out Being There, a new online mag with fine taste in music and film. Features in the first issue? Pieces on Joel Plaskett, Stephin Merritt and the Coen Brothers. Yes.

    So I got my copy of More Adventurous yesterday, just a day later than the rest of the world. As good as the mp3s sounded, the album sounds even better through my stereo – the production on this record is great. Jenny Lewis’ voice has really come into its own with this record and sounds more confident and emotive than ever before. The album does tail off a little towards the second half but it’s still very very good – like year-end list good. It’s always so satisfying to see a band take that step to realizing their potential, to go from a good band to a great band. I think that with this record Rilo Kiley have made that leap and are destined for greatness, or at least a spot on The O.C. soundtrack. I also think that as good as this record is, they’ve got an even better one in them yet – and that’s even more exciting to contemplate than them soundtracking a makeout session between… um, that guy on The O.C. – the geeky one – and that girl. The really skinny one from The Sixth Sense. You know who I’m talking about. Okay, okay – I don’t watch the show, excuse me for trying to be current. Howabout “a makeout session between Joanie and Chachi”? Is that better? It’s probably not a good thing that I knew Joanie and Chachi were Erin Moran and Scott Baio without even having to look it up, is it. Hrmm. I think I’ve said too much. Where’s the off button on this thing?

    np – Rilo Kiley / More Adventurous

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    1. craig says:

      I swear in that picture Bill Murray looks exactly like Gene Hackman.

    2. Paul says:

      I’ve never heard of PF reviewer Marc Hogan before…unless he was one of those kids who used to be on "The Hogan Family," in which case I think he was the preppy nerd who Jason Bateman used to pick on.

    3. graig says:

      seems to me the PF reviewer actually quite liked the album but has his own issues about homosexuality to deal with and that’s what he really didn’t like.

      It’s like he was saying "why can’t Gibb write songs about the pain of asking girls out or songs about rocking out? You know, stuff I can relate to."

      I don’t think he understands the cleverness of mixing the spiritual and the homosexual via double entendres.

      He’s basically calling the Camera’s a one trick pony, but it seems to me like he’s not even paying attention.

      I bet it’s cool to be dismissive again.

    4. Anonymous says:

      noone seems to have mentioned this, but Absolutely Kosher is putting out a limited CD of Hidden Cameras stuff. http://…/ there’s supposed to be an MP3, but it isn’t working.

    5. Frank says:

      Absolutely Kosher messed up the link. Try this:


    6. tim says:

      I’m just not on the More Adventurous bandwaggon. Portions for Foxes is one hella catchy song, but the rest don’t do it. _Execution_ was mucho better.

    7. Paul says:

      I’m not on the Rilo bandwagon at all. I tried…I *honestly* tried…to give the new record a fair shake, but they’re such a flat, do-nothing band to me.

      I’ll shut up though and let the rest of yous be happy with your favorite new album.

    8. Justin says:

      The trailers for The Life Aquatic and I (Heart) Huckabee’s look great. Can’t wait.

    9. james says:

      Thanks for reminding me of the name of the New Order song. I knew it was early, but couldn’t remember the song title. I’ve given you props on my own Life Aquatic entry. I’m really excited to see this film now. Wes hasn’t let me down yet!

    10. mishie says:

      i do think you’re right…rilo kiley will definitely show up in the up-coming season of the o.c. but just so you’re more aware in the future, "the geeky one" is seth cohen (a.k.a. adam brody) and "the really skinny one" is marissa (a.k.a. mischa barton) and last time i checked, their characters weren’t romantically attached. so no, they will NOT be making out on or off the show in the near future.

      plus, adam brody is mine. hands off!

      you should watch the o.c., bitch.

    11. Frank says:

      Bitch? BITCH?

      Hey, having watched more seasons of 90210 (and Melrose Place) than I care to admit, I will invoke the first fundamental rule of Fox teen dramas : EVERYONE will eventually make out with EVERYONE else. It doesn’t even matter if they’re related. Saliva will be exchanged. It’s inevitable.

    12. mr g says:

      I too am looking forward to I Heart Huckabees, which looks totally weird & great. I’ve been waiting quite a while for David O. Russell’s follow-up to the suprisingly great Three Kings, and this looks mighty interesting. And finally another decent role for Jason Schwartzman, who hasn’t really done anything worthwhile since…well, Rushmore.