Friday, August 13th, 2004

Live In A Hiding Place

Roddy Woomble (I still can’t get over that name), frontman for Scottish rock machine Idlewild, talks to Billboard about the long and winding process of writing and recording their fourth album, now slated for an early 2005 release. He promises (or warns?) that there will be a significant “classic rock” influence on this record. Talk is cheap, Roddy, I expect duelling guitar solos, and lots of them. You’ve got two official guitarists now, there’s no excuse. Don’t promise classic rock without bringing the Thin Lizzy guitar solos. They’ve already scrapped almost an entire album’s worth of material and started over, hence the many delays in getting the new record out. I really liked 2000’s 100 Broken Windows but found the follow-up The Remote Part to be a little bombastic and over-produced. There were still some really killer songs on it, but I felt it could have benefitted from a little more variety and a little less full throttle the whole way through. Still – I look forward to the new record, whenever and whatever it may be.

Tobin Sprout’s excellent show at the Horseshoe this past April was recorded for posterity and will be released on Luna Records on September 17 as a nice double-CD set, available only through the label’s website. An album of demos and outtakes entitled Demos & Outtakes II will also be coming out early next year. From LHB.

New Three Gut Records signees Sea Snakes will be opening for The Magnolia Electric Co/Songs: Ohia October 2 at the ‘Shoe.

Nellie McKay is just now being unleashed on the United Kingdom and The Guardian has a piece introducing her to her native land. From Pop (All Love).

Here’s an interesting revelation: Jude Law is a geek. Empire magazine made the discovery whilst interviewing Law about his upcoming geek-friendly film Sky Captain & The World Of Tomorrow – it mentioned that Darren Aranofsky was making the Watchmen film and Law’s response was as follows:

“Darren Aronofsky? I’m on the phone NOW!” said Law, clearly excited. “Adrian Veidt, King of Kings!” And then, as if to show off his Watchmen fanboy credentials, he whispered conspiratorially. “I’m tattooed with Rorschach, did you know that?”

One of us! One of us! One of us! Except prettier.

And as a bonus, The Beat presents “Great Comics Panels In History”. “Where’s my money, honey?”

Comic Book Resources talks to Neil Gaiman about all his ongoing film projects and gets the scoop on what is going on with his multitudes of creations. Death: The High Cost Of Living is definitely happening, will be very faithful to the comic, and will be Gaiman’s directorial debut. They have begun casting and discussions are underway with a specific actress who is nameless at the moment. Speculation anyone? He also has some interesting observations on the upcoming Constantine debacle and why it will fail (and mark my words, it will) and why DC properties in general are so hit-and-miss: Warner Bros have their heads waaaay up their asses.

Tonight I’m going to the Forests Have Feelings Too exhibition at Magic Pony with Graig and Carla. It’s a showing of work by Australian artist/cartoonist Nathan Jurevicius, of whom I knew nothing before last night but now having poked around his website a bit (and this one), I’m looking forward to this – his stuff looks neat. Then it’s off to the Horseshoe to catch some local rock action, The Frontier Index in particular. Full report tomorrow.

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  1. sam says:

    ah, jude law … damn the man can’t get any cooler, can he? i just saw enemy at the gates last week and was blown away by his acting and how russian he made himself look (somehow).

  2. graig says:

    hey, cool…

    I had no idea you were poking around tonight!

    Looking forward to it.