Tuesday, August 10th, 2004

Favourite Colours

This survey, allegedly from All-Music Guide, has been kicking around lately so in light of another slow news day, I figured a good old fashioned list is always good blog ballast. Many of these responses are off the cuff, so don’t take em too seriously. And because there’s no image that logically goes along with a list of musical favourites, I give you this splendid picture from my immense collection of Gary Coleman photos.

First Record Bought: R.E.M. / Document (on cassette)

First Concert: The Grapes Of Wrath at the Oakville Waterfront Festival, May 1992

Favourite Music Movie: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band

Favourite Music Book: Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981-1991 by Michael Azerrad

Favourite Songwriter: Jeff Tweedy

Favourite Producer: Dave Fridmann

Favourite Record Label: Sony-BMG-Warner-EMI-Universal. Is there another?

Favourite Magazine: Magnet

Favourite Bassist: Bruce Thomas of The Attractions

Favourite Album Cover: My Bloody Valentine / Loveless – so perfect.

Favourite Teen Idol: Mandy Moore seems like such a nice girl.

Artist Who Broke Your Heart: That seems awful dramatic, doesn’t it? Can I say biggest disappointment – Ryan Adams?

Artist You Will Always Believe In: Jeff Tweedy

Singer Who Makes Your Skin Crawl: Courtney Love. Actually, everything about her makes my skin crawl.

Singer Who Makes You Swoon: Tanya Donelly. Runners-up: Gemma Hayes… And Nina Persson… And Emmylou Harris… Hmm, I swoon easy.

Favourite Sound: Deep, twangy, tremoloed guitar.

Album You Will Always Defend: Belly / King. Those four billion people who sold their copies to the used shops are fools.

Album You Own That No One Else Does: Belly / King – apparently everyone else sold theirs.

Classic Album You Own but Don’t Like: Pink Floyd / Dark Side Of The Moon

Artist You’re Supposed to Like but Don’t: Almost every ‘next big thing’ that’s come out of New York in the last three years (Sea Ray and Interpol excepted)

Song You Can’t Stand by an Artist You Like: The Beatles – “Revolution No 9″… What, too obvious?

Band That Should Break Up: The Tea Party

Band That Should Re-form: Ride. I don’t think it would be embaressing, really. Tarantula? Never heard of it.

Guilty Pleasure: Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder – “Together In Electric Dreams”

Favourite Music DVD: I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. Runner-up: Standing In The Shadows Of Motown

Concert You Wish You’d Seen: Rollercoaster, featuring My Bloody Valentine, Blur, The Jesus And Mary Chain and Dinosaur Jr.

Dream Collaboration: Fred Durst and a wood chipper. And by “and”, of course, I mean “in”.

The London Review looks at songs that people probably don’t realize are covers.

Chart talks to The Sadies about their new album Favourite Colours (out August 24) and how they ended up working with Robyn Hitchcock on the record.

Nellie McKay fans may want to head over here to download a half dozen live shows and demos of a couple new songs that she’s been performing live on the most recent tour. There had been some noise earlier this year about a new album out in October but I haven’t heard anything on that topic of late.

Comic Book Resources talks to Joss Whedon about his run on Astonishing X-Men, which in my opinion is the only bright spot in the most recent “X-Men Reloaded” title shuffle/debacle (“Grant Morrison? Never heard of him. He never wrote this title. Never.”). We’re three issues in to his 12-issue run, and while it’s still too early to really say if he’s going to do anything remarkable with the plot, his ear for dialogue which made Buffy so much fun is definitely intact. And it doesn’t hurt that the visuals are being provided by the ridiculously talented John Cassaday – the artwork looks so good I’m even willing to forgive Cyclops’ horrible horrible costume. The link has some sample artwork from issue #4.

np – Gemma Hayes / Night On My Side

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  1. bradley says:

    Totally agree on Astonishing. I mean, I’ll buy anything Cassaday draws (ok, ok, I didn’t buy Cap), but throw is Whedon dialogue? Sold. The first issue got me, but I’m having a damn hard time waiting for the inevitable trade.

  2. Gary says:

    I actually did see the Rollercoaster tour when it hit Skydome one Halloween many a year ago… but for the North American leg, the JAMC had different touring partners — Curve and Spiritualized — replacing the British crew.

    In more recent interviews, even Mark and Andy have dissed Tarantula, so I don’t think you’d need to worry as much if there was ever a reformation.

  3. Robert says:

    I always regretted not having gone to see Rollercoaster when it was around. A few months ago I talked to my sister’s boyfriend and he was saying that the bill sounded a lot better than the actual execution. He said he wasn’t really all that impressed which made me feel a little bit better.

  4. Frank says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Rollercoaster sounded better on paper than it played out live, but man – doesn’t it SOUND like it’d be great?

    I’d have loved to have seen Neutral Milk Hotel at the Horseshoe, too.

  5. Neil says:

    The UK Rollercoaster show was pretty great (at least I think it was – the memories are about as faded as the t-shirt now). The main downsides were the short sets and arena venue. Other than that it’s hard to go too far wrong wrong with Loveless era MBV on the bill

  6. rubin farr says:

    i’m with ya on the belly dealio. glad to see somebody else, still digs it. um, rachel goswell opening for tanya donelly?? who knew. rollercoaster us was the shit too!

  7. james says:

    Great survey. I’ve posted my answers here: http://…/

  8. Ross says:


    I own King by Belly as well. Not just the normal version, but the one that came in a big, wooden book. Limited edition, I was told. Someday it will be worth money, they said.

    How’s that for sad?

  9. fudge says:

    Agree with your choices on many points.

    I have 2 copies of "King", for no other reason than I couldn’t stand to see such a great album sit in a used record bin for $2.00. Fools!