Monday, August 16th, 2004

Caught Your Eye With A Camera's Flash

Presenting: my new camera. A Canon PowerShot G3. I really hadn’t intended to get one so soon, but the opportunity to get one of these slightly older but still top-quality cameras presented itself via Craigslist and I couldn’t pass it up. It’s used but really, it’s showroom condition. The guy never used it. It’s not a small camera by any means – we’re talking film camera size, no ultra-miniaturization at work here – and it has more features and flexibility than I know what to do with. Literally – I have no idea how to work this thing. I’ve got manuals upon manuals to read through before I start to make heads or tails of this. I also need a new Compact Flash card – playing with the RAW settings on this and the supplied 32 MB card fills up lickety-split. When I get this all sorted out, I may start up a photoblog to justify the purchase. Any theme suggestions?

The Stone Roses will be the subject of a double-DVD coming out on October 5 in the US (it was released in the UK in June and I just saw it in Soundscapes yesterday, so it’s out up here as well) entitled simply, The Stone Roses. It will feature a live show from Blackpool, all their videos, a slew of television appearances and some interview footage, all done up in Dolby 5.1. Full details and contents listing here. But even though Ian Brown has started performing Roses tunes live again, don’t expect them to jump on the reunion bandwagon. In an interview with NME he said,

“I think that everything’s of its time. I get as many kids coming up asking me not to reform the Roses as reform. They say, ‘Please don’t spoil it for us’. They don’t want to see grey haired pot bellied geezers. It was all about the spirit of the thing. We’d finish a rehearsal and go straight to each other’s houses and hang out until midnight, then meet at 10am the next day. If that’s not there, I don’t see how we could do it. Because it wouldn’t be real.”

Cheers to you, King Monkey – that’s the attitude. Of couse, if they DID reunite and come over here to play, you know I’d be camping out for tickets. That is, if people camped out for tickets anymore.

The Strokes’ Live In London album documenting the December 5, 2003 show at the Alexandra Palace will be out October 12. Now you can listen to the New York’s poutiest sound utterly bored in the comfort of your own home. The first 1000 pressings will feature a bonus track of the band counting their money backstage while their actress/model girlfriends have a pillow fight in the background.

Can anyone advise what’s the best (read: cheapest) avenue of ordering a CD from the UK? I want the new Charlotte Hatherley record but don’t want to pay the $30+ it would cost me to order it from I can’t justify paying that much for a breezy summer pop record. And I could download it but then I wouldn’t have the artwork… and pictures…

np – Old 97’s / Drag It Up

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  1. sam says:

    haven’t checked them out for that particular album but my favorite places to order uk stuff (especially singles, though) are: (great for singles) (slightly pricier)

  2. photojunkie says:

    A photoblog of live gigs would be cool. I know I post my own from time to time, but don’t get out to as many gigs as I would like to lately…

    I have to fix that problem…

    I think you will be very happy with your purchase… I drooled over that camera for a long time, before getting my 10D

  3. Kevin from Boston says:

    Easy friend…

    They have it listed right now for 9.99 pounds (or around $17US)plus the shipping which is 3 pounds first item, 50p each item after. Oh, it will be a little less as you get back the VAT tax charged to UK customers.

    Most brand new cd singles are 2-3 pounds ($3-5US)

    My advice, buy in bulk and it cuts on the shipping cost. Also do lots of pre-orders as they will ship out as they become available at no additional charge.

    If you are to order just Charlottes cd it won’t be more than US$22 WITH THE SHIPPING.

  4. Carla says:

    What the hell?? There’s nary a Second Coming track to be seen on that 2 disc DVD???