Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

You Say You Want A Revolution

You can preview three tracks from Steve Earle’s new album The Revolution Starts… Now on his website. The album is out August 24, tour dates for the Fall to be announced shortly. There will also be a CD and DVD culled from last year’s Tell Us The Truth tour with Billy Bragg and Tom Morello coming out in October.

A few more concert announcements:

  • Rilo Kiley on October 3, venue to be announced. More Adventurous is out August 17.

  • Snow Patrol are back in town at the Opera House September 17.

  • Ben Lee is at the Mod Club September 22.
  • The rain today has put a bit of a damper on my plans to dash out after work and pick up the new Tanya Donelly, Old 97’s and Rogue Wave records. I suppose I can wait a day, but when you’re geek like me, buying stuff on the day it’s released is half the fun. Actually, make that just a couple percentile points of the fun. If it were literally HALF the fun, then I’d really need to reconsider how I’m spending my amusement money.

    Verrrry slow day today – I almost posted this article in The Toronto Star about life in Oshawa as a sort-of follow-up to my entry about life in Oakville last week. Despite the fact that a) I only lived in Oshawa for four months on a co-op placement about six years ago, and b) I absolutely hated it – it may have been good for anecdotes (living in the dog room, a mouse infestation, having some jackass disable the neutral safety switch on my car and then having my license plates stolen a couple weeks later) but it truly sucked, otherwise. Apologies to anyone who grew up in the ‘Shwa, but you know it’s true. Anyway, I thought about posting the article but decided not to bother.

    np – The Delgados / Hate

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    1. Gary Campbell says:

      Of course, you do realize that in telling us you weren’t going to post the star article you did, and in saying you weren’t going to tell us your Oshawa stories, you still did anyway.

      Sneaky that.