Friday, July 23rd, 2004

The Madcap Laughs

ComiX-Fan had the opportunity to interview Grant Morrison after his controversial run on New X-Men ended a few months ago. Not surprisingly, his most drastic plotlines are already in the process of being undone by the new creative teams (Magneto beheaded? No problem, that was… just an imposter! Yeah! The REAL Magneto is still alive… Feh) but he’s not surprised. He also goes into what he was trying to accomplish with the Sea Guy miniseries, which is good because I just picked up the last issue and like much of his work, it’s utterly incomprehensible on first read. But as I’ve learned over the years since his early days on Animal Man and Doom Patrol, there’s two very important things to remember about Grant Morrison – firstly, he doesn’t just write stories – he writes in elaborate metaphors, allegories and abstractions. What may initially come off as inscrutable will eventually reveal the depths of his artistic expression and social commentary. Secondly, he’s probably completely out of his mind.

And while on the topic of genius/demented British comic book writers – Salon gets Alan Moore’s opinions on the state of the world.

And just because three is a nice round number and he’s always a good read, we’ll finish up the theme with Neil Gaiman’s blog. And it looks like the Death movie is slowly moving out of development hell?.

The Globe & Mail profiles The Hidden Cameras. The Cameras release Mississauga Goddam August 3 and play Trinity-St. Paul’s tonight ($10 at the door) as well as Harbourfront Centre on August 28 for free.

The Raleigh Independent celebrates fifteen years of Merge by talking to head honchos Mac and Laura. From Largehearted Boy.

Pitchfork reports that Broken Social Scene hope to have their third album, tenatively titled Windsurfing Nation, out in February of next year. Don’t forget their free show on the 27th of August at Harbourfront Centre!

Because Fridays rhymes with ‘funny’… except that it doesn’t, really:

  • The Black Table goes toe-to-toe with The Daily Show’s Rob Corrdry.

  • Because someone has to stop Train – You Have Bad Taste In Music. “Entertainment Weekly gave these guys a B+!”

  • The New Yorker offers a very “proper” play-by-play of Dick Cheney and Sen. Patrick Lahey’s little scuffle on the floor of the Senate this week. C-Span should go pay-per-view.

  • The 100 funniest jokes of all-time.

  • Arrested Development season one is out on DVD October 19. From The Big Ticket.

    My Wilco tickets are here! Huzzah.

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