Sunday, July 18th, 2004

Sometimes I Remember

My constant travelling companion on this trip has been a progressively beat-up copy of the lastest issue of The Big Takeover. As much as I fretted about running out of reading material, I always had this huge spider-whomping-sized mag for backup. I just finished the interview with Joe Pernice wherein he revealed a couple interesting bits of news. One, there will be a second Chappaquiddick Skyline release very soon, this one a 6-song EP. Two, he’s moving to Canada! No doubt a condition of convincing the lovely and talented Laura Stein (ex-Jale, ex-Pernice Brother and expat) to marry him last year. No details on where in Canuckistan he’ll be setting up shop, but hopefully it’ll be Toronto – what a treat it would be to run into him around town.

Also Pernice-related, I picked up a copy of his Meat Is Murder contribution to the 33 1/3 series of books while in Seattle. Though Pernice puts it forward as fiction, it’s hard to believe much of it isn’t autobiographical – particularly the bits about how the album affected the adolescent protagonist growing up in mid-80s Boston. Of course, teenage angst, lust and suicide (don’t do it!) are universal enough themes, but Pernice makes it all ring true. A quick read, but a very solid debut novel(la) for Joe Pernice. I hope he continues writing, though not if it takes time away from his musical output. Coincidentally, Largehearted Boy also just finished a trio of books in the 33 1/3 series including Meat Is Murder.

Also from LHB – Calexico have begun posting their live shows on The Live Music Archive. Nice.

So you may have noticed that the mp3 of the week got updated as usual last night – this is because I came straight home from the airport instead of going back to my parents’ place for the night. I was just ready to come back home and get settled in. There is some jet lag going on but it should be shaken off in time for work tomorrow. It was a great trip but it’s good to be back. The flight back was uneventful except for the Dutch lady sitting beside me having some sort of diabetic attack halfway through and going nearly comatose. Her travelling companions didn’t seem overly alarmed so I didn’t worry much, but it was still unnerving as they were shaking her and slapping her around to try and get her to respond. The in-flight film was The Whole Ten Yards, which was about as unfunny and unnecessary a sequel as I’ve ever seen. And since it was edited for showing on a plane, they cut out anything remotely offensive – basically, Amanda Peet’s breasts (which we all know she has no problems flashing at the drop of a hat, God bless her) and women getting slapped by men. On the other hand, we were spared the sight of Bruce Willis’ bare ass so I guess there’s an up-side.

I’ve started going through the photos of my trip and when I find a decent way to present them, I’ll post them online. In the meantime, I’ve inserted some images into the past week’s blog entries just to spice them up a little.

I have no food in the house and am feeling kinda zoned out. Bleh.

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  1. SM says:

    Death Cab’s cover of The Cure is downright awful … what’s with the faux British accent? It almost makes you appreciate their attempt at "This Charming Man" … um, no it doesn’t.

  2. sm says:

    I almost forgot, welcome back.

  3. mike says:

    Joe Pernice coming to Toronto? How perfect would that be?