Friday, July 30th, 2004

Shiftless When Idle

Ex-Replacement Tommy Stinson takes some time off from doing nothing with Guns N Roses and comes to the Horseshoe September 9 to promote his new solo record Village Gorilla Head, which just came out this week (And for the record, he insists Chinese Democracy is still coming out – probably when China actually has a democracy). Anyway, $10 gets you in the door and also gives you the right to shout out drunken requests for “Bastards Of Young” AND “November Rain”. Until he jumps off stage and kicks your ass, of course, but really – won’t it be worth it? Download “Motivation” from his new album here.

The Toronto Star ran this piece on Jim White yesterday – he sounds like an interesting guy, to say the least. Some local media outlets are suggesting he might just upstage Wilco this Tuesday at their Mod Club show – I doubt that, but I am intrigued by the guy.

Swedish combo The Concretes will make their Toronto debut October 11 at Lee’s Palace, tickets $15.

I am listening to the new Rilo Kiley record. Holy shit this is good. Well, Blake’s one song is kinda shit and sticks out like a sore thumb, but Jenny’s songs rule. More Adventurous is out August 17 and they’re in town October 3. You can preview a few tracks from the new record here.

Athens, GA’s The Flagpole has a couple nice features brought to my attention by Largehearted Boyan interview with Tracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura and a European tour diary from Elf Power.

I think I am far too excited about Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, opening today. The reviews are surprisingly good and I think if you were to filter out the ones whose chief complaint is that the film is a 90-minute commercial for a burger joint (though one that doesn’t exist in Canada so it may as well be fictional – Lord knows the Slyder sounds too ridiculous to be real), the ratings would be even higher. In all likelihood I will be seeing it this long weekend.

Oh yeah, what I said yesterday about having next week’s mp3 picked out? Nix that – I have some other ideas… but fret not, everything will make an appearance in good time.

np – Rogue Wave / Out Of The Shadow

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  1. solace says:

    i really like the new Rilo Kiley, until about 1/2 way through, after Blake’s song, then that Country-ish one, and the record kinda tanks after that. but the first half is so strong it still holds up fairly well imo.

    first 2 songs = money

  2. Frank says:

    I feel a little more generous than that – you had me worried at first, especially after Blake’s song came on (gawd it’s bad) but it wasn’t a nosedive after that. I mean, yeah, the first three songs are amazing but while the rest of the album doesn’t measure up to those, they’re still pretty dang good.

  3. solace says:

    ah, i guess i was just kinda turned off after Blake’s song and the country-ish one, to really pay much attention to the last few songs. i hate records that have all their best songs towards the start, then kinda trail off (Interpol’s first record, for example, other than The New, the first half is so much better than the 2nd it’s not even funny)

    it’s not bad, but def not their best effort, by any means. don’t see it really making my year end list or anything at least.

  4. solace says:

    oh yeah, track 7, Accidentl Deth, about her dad hunting deer or whatever? ridiculously bad lyrics. ;)

    liking a bit more of the latter songs tho, just not track 4 or 5 (great track, just doesn’t fit the album or their style at all imo, should be a b-side)