Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

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So I really like Victoria. It reminds me a lot of the town I grew up in, Oakville, which is odd because I didn’t really like Oakville. Having spent another day in Victoria, I quite appreciate the laid-backness of the town, how polite everyone is and how serene it all seems. Granted, a surplus of gorgeous weather and pretty girls in skirts have influenced my overall impressions, as have the disproportionate number of good comic book stores in the city. Really, who knew. The record stores are decent enough as well. Besides rooting around in second-hand geek stores, I also went down to Beacon Hill park at the foot of the city and climbed up to the lookout point, from which I had a good view across the straits at Washington State. Craggy state, that one. Otherwise I spent a lot of the day just sitting in the sun by the harbour or on the campus by the bunnies, just reading. Vacation-like stuff.

Also went to see King Arthur this evening. While it’s not as awful as some reviews made it out to be, I do question why it was made in the first place. Were people crying out for a more historically accurate (though I use the term loosely) depiction of the Arthurian myths? Because I can’t see the point in stripping a tale so rich in story down to it’s drabbest raw essence, and then dressing it up in a cliched Hollywood style, complete with plot holes you could lead an army through. I personally would have rather seen a big-budget take on the fiction, complete with the magic, romance and intrigue. And while I will never complain about seeing Keira Knightley onscreen, casting her as love interest to Clive Owen was just gross. He looks like Nicholas Cage and is obviously old enough to be her father. Yech.

I am still trying to shake the jet lag and will probably manage to do so just in time to head back East. I would prefer to not be falling asleep at 9pm tomorrow night in Seattle, since it’s my only night there, but that’s sort of assuming that I’ll find something interesting and worth doing on a Tuesday night on my own in a city where I know no one. Should be a party.

By : Frank Yang at 2:12 am
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  1. kyle says:

    When you were describing it yesterday it definitely sounded like Oakville and I couldn’t figure out why you liked it.

  2. Miss Valerie says:

    Whoa! You’re from Oakville!?! That’s so weird as I grew up in Mississauga and Burlington! WEIRD!

  3. Frank says:

    Halton-Peel posse represent!

    Yep, spent my formative years in Jokeville. So glad to not be there anymore.