Tuesday, July 20th, 2004

Janitorial On Channel Fail

Centro-Matic frontman Will Johnson’s new solo record Vultures Await will be out September 7. You can preview a couple tracks from Misra Records’ artist page. The solo stuff is generally more stripped-down and starker than Centro-Matic’s plugged-in guitar assault. I’m still working out how South San Gabriel (another Centro-Matic offshoot) stands in relation – probably somewhere in-between.

I’ve been moderately obsessed with the Austin, Texas band since picking up last year’s Love You Just The Same on a lark, note unheard, last Boxing Day. Their combination of raw, skronky guitars and raspy, world-worn vocals just do it for me – they’ve obviously done time in the Neil Young school of rock, but they have their own thing going on as well – it’s hard to put my finger on it, but they’re definitely more than just your standard alt-country act. Some have used The Flaming Lips as a reference point, and while I don’t really hear that, there is something deeper and trippier going on under the surface. There’s a slew of sample mp3s and some videos on their website – give a look/listen. My only gripe about the band is that they don’t tour up here. The closest they came was Buffalo this Spring… Why didn’t I go? Come on. BUFFALO.

Mac McCaughan is making the rest of us slack motherfuckers look bad. Besides running Merge Records and its 15th anniversary celebrations, Superchunk will be putting out another Clambake-series live album. When We Were 10: Live at the Cats Cradle 1999 could be another limited edition like the first two Clambake live records, so pay attention to ‘Chunk land if you don’t want to miss out. Pitchfork has full details. Mac also says that fans’ll have to make do with the archival releases as there won’t be any new Superchunk material anytime soon – family commitments. But that’s not stopping him from starting work on another Portastatic album, working title of Every Generation Gets Bit in the Ass. And seeing as how Superchunk and Portastatic have gradually become almost the same band over the last few years, that’ll have to do.

A couple more concert bits – The Weakerthans will make up for their cancelled Bluesfest appearance with a show at the Mod Club this Friday, July 23 (doors at 7, show at 8), tickets $15 at the door only. They’ll be boasting an expanded lineup featuring Brian and Dave from The Fembots who will be contributing additional instrumental wackiness. This also applies to the shows in St Catherines and Hamilton on the 21st and 22nd respectively. Raising The Fawn open the Toronto show.

Scotland’s Trash Can Sinatras will be at Lee’s Palace on September 23. Their new album Weightlifting is out August 31.

Bryan Singer has signed on to direct the new Superman film. That’s right, no more McG behind the camera, no more J.J. Abrams script, no more Brendan Fraser in tights rumours, no more… X-Men 3? The powers-that-be want Supes on the screen for while the other powers-that-be want X3 in theatres by May 2006… Some are already writing off Singer from directing further mutant madness, others are saying that he’ll make the third X-Men film after Superman Returns (as the working title seems to now be). No official comments from Fox yet.

Just call him Shallow Hal Jordan – Jack Black has been confirmed to play the title role in a Green Lantern film. It’s going to played as a “zany comedy” in the spirit of The Mask. Oddly, my cousin and I were discussing just the other day how absurd a lot of DC heroes would play out on celluloid, and I guess the folks at Warner agree with us. And before the purists get any further up in arms, think for a minute – we’re talking about a guy who made giant green fists from a Cracker Jack prize and couldn’t affect anything yellow. That’s pretty silly.

Also silly – hit the snooze button twelve (12!) times this morning to get to work an hour late. I don’t remember a single one. I will blame the jet lag.

np – Loretta Lynn / Van Lear Rose

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  1. mark says:

    12 snoozes? i do that EVERY morning… each one more painful yet soothing than the next.

  2. Tom E. says:

    "My only gripe about the band is that they don’t tour up here. The closest they came was Buffalo this Spring… Why didn’t I go? Come on. BUFFALO."

    And to think I used to like this site. :)

    Go Sabres,


  3. Frank says:

    Don’t you have a fire to put out in Cheektowaga or something?

  4. mike says:

    I set my alarm clock about half an hour ahead…I swear it does wonders for helping me to get up for work in the morning.

  5. Five Seventeen says:

    I’m with Mark. Sleep is best in 8 minute increments. 12 X snooze button!