Thursday, May 27th, 2004

Sunshine Superman

Long given up for dead, there’s suddenly buzz a-plenty about the next Superman movie. Comic Book Resources has the following predictions: Rose Byrne (Troy) as Lois Lane, Adam Brody (The O.C.) as Jimmy Olsen, Henry Cavill (The Count Of Monte Cristo) as the big blue banana, and Johnny Depp (21 Jump Street) as Lex Luthor Jor-El (Superdad), filming schedule permitting. McG (Charlie’s Angels) will direct and J.J. Abrams (Alias) is writing the script, Summer 2006 being the target release date. Go here for all the up-to-date info on the new Supes movie. And if that’s not enough Supes news for ya, the second Seinfeld/Superman AmEx mini-film is now up here.

Solo New Pornographer A.C. Newman, AKA Carl Newman, will be pimping his solo album The Slow Wonder at Lee’s Palace August 8, admission is $12. The album is out June 8.

Aussie popsters Sekiden will be playing a couple shows in the Big Smoke in June – June 8 at the Horseshoe and then a NXNE show at the B-Side on the 10th. I caught them earlier this year at a post-CMW show and they were loads of fun. Catch em if you can – the Horseshoe show is free, even.

Break out the medallions! The Urge Overkill reunion tour brings Chicago’s suavest to Lee’s Palace June 19th. $18.50 will get you past the velvet rope.

Retrobuzz had a good long interview with Sea Ray about their current tour and the general upwards turn in their fortunes. Head for the May 27 post – the ‘Buzz has no permalinks to individual blog entries. And yes, I’ll admit I’m a little flattered to have been name-dropped in the interview. In case you missed it, June 27 – Sea Ray at the Rivoli! Don’t miss it. I’m serious. No kidding around.

All the Toronto newspapers – well, NOW, eye and The Toronto Star at least – want to find out what’s been going on in the Royal City of late, besides playing the Three Gut 4th anniversary show at the ‘Shoe on Friday and releasing their third album Little Heart’s Ease on June 8.

Billboard has a preview of Guided By Voices’ swan song, Half Smiles Of The Decomposed, out August 24.

Elvis Costello’s new (rock) record with the Imposters will be out on Lost Highway on September 21. Still no title, however.

np – Feist / Let It Die

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  2. Carla says:

    Johnny Depp and fucking McG in the same movie??? Say it ain’t so!!!