Monday, February 23rd, 2004

The Weight

It’s been brought to my attention this weekend that I may be packing a few extra pounds lately. First, my friend Will whom I haven’t seen since last summer commented on my waistline, and then yesterday the first thing my mom says to me when I walk in the door is, “You’re fat!” (the second is, “Your hair looks awful!” Thanks, mom). For the record, I am not fat and my hair doesn’t look awful. BUT, as mothers know best, I could stand to shed some of the winter hibernation reserves and get a bit of a maintenance trim on the ‘do. So, it’s time for some tweaks to the diet. There’ll be no dramatic tossing out of foodstuffs or anything like that, but it’s time to pay some attention to what I eat. I’ve always had a really fast metabolism that kept me thin (excessively so in high school), but I don’t think I can count on that as much as I’m closer to 30 than 20, and my diet has been loading up on the carbs and whatnot that everyone else is now shunning (jokes about the Fatkins diet are done, now). Combine this with a sedentary winter lifestyle and… I had though that once Spring rolled around and I was back on my bike, that’d be that but I suspect I’m going to have to be a little more conscious of my eating habits.

So with this grand revelation, the question is where to start? It’s times like this I need to stop and ask myself, W.W.B.M.D? What would Bob Mould do? Bob has been on a self-improvement kick (read Transformer pt 1 and Transformer pt 2) and has posted his own diet and routine. As good a place as any to start educating myself, I think. I find it ironic that he says “Avoid most white foods… Sugar… not so good”. Bob is being too hard on himself. Copper Blue was an amazing record.

Universal Music has a couple of tracks from the new Sarah Harmer album available to preview. All Of Our Names is out March 9. And not to be shallow or anything, but my compliments to whoever took the publicity photos for the new record. She looks fantastic.

It’s a slow Monday, but at least it’s sunny and warm (for February), so there’s no complaining here.

np – American Music Club / Everclear

By : Frank Yang at 10:17 am
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  1. Gary Campbell says:

    I’m sure several people will pipe in here about the diet thing, so here’s my two cents: Avoid anything that looks like it’s just capitalizing on a diet trend (a la Atkins wraps at Subway or that new "low carb" bread or beer or whatever). These are simply promoted by corporations to improve their profit margins and not to improve your waistline!

    I agree with Bob Mould. Avoid refined white sugar where you can, and drink more water.

  2. Paul Bazinet says:

    Hey man, just wanted to say I love your blog and read it every day. Being from Toronto I appreciate you posting upcoming live shows. Feel free to check out my music forum and contribute:


  3. Five Seventeen says:

    http://…/ from Discover "What Does Science Say You Should Eat?" It’s not a vegan diet, but I can suggest that too.

    And you could do with a hair cut…

  4. will says:

    i’m glad your mom mentioned your hair. wanted to say something but coming after my comments on your extra pounds… well, lets just say i didn’t want to make you cry within the first 5 minutes of seeing you.

    for the record, i didn’t say you were fat. never used the f word. i just said you looked "healthy".

  5. Frank says:

    oh, that’s harsh, man. Well I’m getting a haircut tomorrow, and I figure that’s about five pounds off right there… Hell, I’m going to have Cheetos for dinner.