Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

The Golden Age

I’m a little disappointed that none of the geek news sources I frequent thought fit to mention that the long-running Neil Gaiman vs Todd McFarlane legal battle is over, with Gaiman stomping on Todd in every way possible. The best bit of news to come out of this is “it’s still full steam ahead now for the Miracleman plans”. Hot diggity dog – does that mean that after a decade, the last couple issues of “The Silver Age” will finally be coming out? I will have to do some digging to find out what these Miracleman plans ensue. Hopefully it will entail putting all the trade paperbacks back in print, at the least. While this will surely take the bottom out of the back issue market, it will allow a greater number of people to discover what for my money is one of the best comic book series ever written. And let this be a counter-argument to those who would like to do away with intellectual property law altogether – copyright laws exist for a reason. Yay for the good guys. Update: Gaiman has posted a current state of affairs in the aftermath of the McFarlane fiasco. Confusing doesn’t begin to describe it.

And for those with no idea what I’m talking about, The Continuity Pages has a good summation of both the series and its legal wranglings, as does the Alan Moore Fansite.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club amd The Rapture bring what I am calling the “Mope’n’Disco” (say it like “Mop’N’Glow”) tour to the Kool Haus on April 7. Black clothing and shaggy hair mandatory, and don’t you dare look like you’re having fun.

Tiger Style Records has gone on hiatus. Whether this means that none of the bands on their roster were planning to release anything in the next while so they’re taking advantage of the lull or that they’re leaving their bands in the lurch is unclear. Though to be honest, AmAnSet were the only band on the label that I cared about, and since they put out a record last year, they’re probably not due another one for a while. Still, though. Strange happenings. From Delusions Of Adequacy.

24: Sigh. You just knew that as soon as they said they had an Asian guy ‘on the inside’ that he was dead. Asians: The Star Trek red-shirted security guys of the 21st century. And it’s really not worth asking why Michelle thought it was a good idea to go after the suspect in the maintenance room on her own. It’s not as though she didn’t have a whole platoon of CTU agents loafing around in the lobby. I thought for sure that Gaell was going to get his hand chopped off by the fan – I was wrong, but he’s having a bad day nonetheless. Bet he wishes he was still wherever he’d been hiding for the last four or five hours.

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  1. kyle says:

    Did the Asian guy from last season die? I think not. I wished he would have, but I don’t think so.

    Michelle had to go in alone because everyone else was trying to turn off the ventilation system for the building. At least I’d like *hope* that would be one of their main priorities

  2. Five Seventeen says:

    Frank, You mentioned nothing about Sherry. It felt good to see her backed into a corner and caught in a lie. It was also nice to see Michelle kick Lothaire "Jesus of Montreal" Bluteau’s ass and her marriage falling apart.

    AS for the Asians, while watching the show (just before that guy — did he have a name? — had some screen time), I turned to Claire and said: "Have you noticed how good a job they are doing keeping the ‘black story’ and the ‘white story’ separate this season?".

    I also saw the Joel Surnow / Robert Cochoran / Jon Cassar show they made before 24 for the first time over the past week. It was Nikita. It’s interesting to see what cast members have carried over to 24 and how a well written (at times) show can suffer irreparable damage from bad casting (ie. Roy Dupuis http://…/ ).

  3. Frank says:

    no, I think he survived because he had a Western last name, like ‘Smith’ or ‘Bucky’. But he was dead to me.

  4. James says:

    Was that detective who questioned Sherry and Julia the fucking Candyman guy? Candyman Candyma… ARRGH.

  5. Pete says:

    Yea Sherry is really deep in it now. Michelle really moves well with a gun, not to mention looks hot. Well I guess now it’s all about containing the virus, one month of no 24….I think I can do it. I loved the one line Sherry said…"Complex situations have the simplest solutions"

  6. Sean says:

    Gael was so dying (or at least now facing life threatening peril) the minute he showed up after not appearing for all those episodes. Kind of like that time on 90210 with the gun tragedy (season 2) when promo materials said that the gang would be losing "one of their own" and they had pasted in the head of David’s friend Scott into the regular cast promo shot.

    Kind of like that but not really. Bring back Nina.

  7. Frank says:

    Yes! Zombie Nina! That’s the key.

    Actually, I think there’s supposed to be some guest star big bad this season. My money is on Ricardo Montelban. And I fully expect there will be a scene where Gael is dying in some containment unit and he’s pressed up against the window saying to Jack, "I am now… and always have been… your friend. Live long and prosper". Then he kicks it and Jack raises his arms to heaven, screaming "KHAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!" But little does he know that Gael had transferred his mind into Tony’s a few minutes previous. So there you have it – season four. Jack has 24 hours to get Tony and Gael’s body back to Vulcan so Gael can be restored.

  8. sam says:

    <i>Kind of like that time on 90210 with the gun tragedy (season 2) when promo materials said that the gang would be losing "one of their own" and they had pasted in the head of David’s friend Scott into the regular cast promo shot.</i>

    lmao :)

    was that candyman??? wasn’t 100% sure about it. but he was good. the actor and the character.

    fucking julia who can’t keep her mouth shut for 15 minutes while waiting for her lawyer.

    i really hope they can throw in Jack’s father before the season is over.

    holy fuck. is Jack’s father after him? :) i mean, the man who wants his head apparently knows him very well. and that way we could have Donald Sutherland really have a great role. corny, but great. and he would make this season amazingly worthwhile.

    that’s how i’d bring in Donald into the series.

  9. graig says:

    the mp3 from the Gaiman v. McFarlane closing statements is hysterical (linked on Gaiman’s site).

    I can’t believe how inept McFarlane’s lawyer is and the judge has, well, a wonderfully comedic presence (in a positive sense).