Wednesday, January 21st, 2004

Tomorrow The Green Grass

Ah, live rock shows, how I’ve missed you. I caught the Toronto stop of The Jayhawks’ Rainy Day Music tour with Rick from Over Anything. I just got there in time for the start of the show, delayed thanks to a standoff between a surly bus driver and a belligerant passenger.

I’d seen Josh Rouse about seven years ago when he was working the solo acoustic singer-songwriter angle, and wasn’t really impressed. Since then, however, he’s picked up a few new tricks and a full band and sounds much better. Apparently things in his hometown of Nashville were getting stale so he turned his eyes westward to Memphis when making his latest, 1972. The new material is pretty damn good in that 70s Soulsville USA vibe – I was certainly impressed.

I’d really enjoyed seeing the ‘Hawks open for Lucinda Williams last Thanksgiving, and was anxious to see them do their own headlining show. What I got was essentially a director’s cut of that last performance. An equally excellent perfomance, but longer, louder and featuring a broader set list – they even dipped into the Golden Smog catalog for a reading of “Jennifer Save Me” from Weird Tales as well as dusting off “Pray For Me” from Tomorrow The Green Grass, which they claimed to not have played since 1995. Gary Louris took advantage of the full-length set to really stretch out some solos, reminding the crowd that he’s got as much rock in him as country. Tim O’Reagan was again impressive on drums and vocals – I still can’t get over how good his material is. An extra treat was Sadie Dallas Good making a surprise appearance during the encore to play guitar in “Tailspin”. A great show all around and a terrific way to kick off the 2004 concert season. Photos here. I got some good ones from right up front, though I wish they’d ease up on the red lighting just a little bit.

Ride are endeavouring to release a DVD of some stripe this year, and are seeking a little help from the faithful in putting material together. In a recent mailing, they ask:

One thing that someone on the list might be able to help with is tracking down a guy in the States that made a short film to OX4 around 1993. It was a little B&W / sepia clip and it won a couple of awards at film festivals etc. If there is anyone that knows what i’m talking about then do get in touch. Also if anyone else has any half-decent footage knocking around form live shows, backstage, festivals, anything really! Then it might be interesting to throw it into the pile of potential content – if you don’t mind, of course.

If you’ve got anything, drop the band a line through their website.

Chart has a chat with Wheat about the ‘S’ word that’s been following them around since the release of Per Second Per Second Per Second Every Second. No, not ‘Sasquatch’, ‘Sell-out’.

Look for a new Rilo Kiley album in May or June. From Pitchfork.

2/5 of My Morning Jacket have departed the band. Keyboardist Danny Cash misses his family and guitarist Johnny Quaid misses his horse. Official notices of resignations are on the website. The band has enlisted some temporary replacements, so anyone hoping to fill a vacancy has some time to start growing their beards.

Buddyhead’s Rules Of Rock for audiences – the perfect companion piece to their Rules Of Rock for bands (or people who want to be in bands). From Burned By The Sun.

Wavelength has announced the line-ups and dates for their Wavelength 200 4th anniversary shows. Running from February 12-15, headliners will be Jim Guthrie, Fembots, Controller.Controller and Sea Snakes. Full details here.

No new 24 episode this week, but that doesn’t mean there’s no scuttlebutt. Salon solicited some suggestions on how to improve the show, with some interesting responses and here’s an article about what Jack’s dead wife thinks about current plot developments in season three.

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  1. david says:

    The new RK album sounds great, judging from the new songs the band’s been playing. Along with the Mountain Goats’ "We Shall All Be Healed," it’s one of my most anticipated releases this year.

  2. James says:

    The weird thing? I watched ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ the other night and weirdo Chloe was in it as a freaky sky-watching alien conspiracy theorist nerd. Oh, how I chortled.

  3. Five Seventeen says:

    I just saw Love Actually tonight and saw Kim as a "hot for british guys into four on one action" girl. Wish there was more of THAT on 24.

  4. Pete says:

    I have seen Elisha Cuthbert’s new movie trailer for "The girl next door" and god damn she is hot, this is exactly what she should be doing, forget 24, she is no longer good to the show anymore. Even saw an R-Rated clip from the movie, even better!

    Oh ya since u speak of new cd releases, one for electro fans to pick up would be the new Front Line Assembly "Civilization" takes a bit of getting used to, but by about the 5th listen it will determine if u like it or not. But if u are a fan of them or electronic EMB music go out and pick it up, HMV told me they had 2 copies of it, thankfully I got the other one cause when I got there the other one musta been sold already, or someone in the store bought it…yes there are FLA fans in that store believe it or not.

  5. Jim(calexico from says:

    Great Jayhawks pics…nice eye you have there!!