Monday, January 19th, 2004

My Kind Of Soldier

Buffalo Soldiers is one of those films that got put on the shelf indefinitely after 9-11, and when it finally did reach the theatres last Summer, it was gone in a heartbeat. Which is a shame, because it’s really a pretty good movie. It’s got Joaquin Phoenix (who’s very good) as a bored supply clerk at an American army base in West Germany who’s running a black market scam and drug ring at the end of the Cold War. Ed Harris is his clueless commanding officer, Scott Glenn is the sargent out to bust him and Anna Paquin is the love interest. It’s definitely a very black comedy but really isn’t very satirical – I don’t think you could say anyone’s trying to make a specific point about anything. That said, it’s hardly a flattering portrait of the US military, with everyone being either utterly corrupt or mind-numbingly stupid. Worth a rental, anyway.

First Slatch broke em, then Catbirdseat stepped up to testify. I now will also add my voice to the choir – Mason Dixon are good. Very good. What sort of stuff is it? It’s the sort of stuff I like, which if you’ve been paying attention in class, should actually give you a good idea. And they’re even looking for band members! Drop them a line. Fame and fortune await.

From the easy easy targets file, MuchMusic has dug up some truly funny footage of former teen heartthrob Corey Feldman making a bid for pop idol on Electric Circus in 1993. Sadly, he still comes out ahead of former partner-in-crap Corey Haim – at least he’s never tried to sell his teeth and hair on eBay. It’s a tough call as to which is a lower career point – Prayer Of The Rollerboys or the Corey Haim Dream Pillow.

CBS has rejected the’s “Bush in 30 seconds” commercial and it will not air during the Super Bowl as originally hoped. Disappointing, but hardly surprising.

Today’s Penny Arcade is extra funny because some of my friends – not naming names *cough*Vic*cough* – actually argue about pre-Crisis Superman and post-Crisis Superman. Spaz-tacular. And yes, all signs point to us being at the San Diego Comic Con this July.

Whoa. I’ve been nominated in the ‘Best Canadian Blog’ AND ‘Best Music Blog’ categories for the 2004 Bloggies, which as I understand it are like the Tony awards of blogging. WHOA. This is freaking me right out. I feel like Marisa Tomei. Uh, thanks to everyone who nominated me? Wow. This suddenly feels like sweeps week, like I should do some stunt casting or something. Maybe I’ll get Jamie Farr to fill in for me while I’m in Las Vegas. Surely everyone wants to know what Klinger has been up to since AfterMASH? Or maybe just posting FROM Las Vegas will be enough of a gimmick? Come on, people – Chromewaves on the road! Exotic locales! Showgirls! Mobsters! It’s a slam dunk.

On the downside, I am very aware that my life will never get better than this, and it’s all downhill from here. Maybe I shouldn’t be laughing at the Coreys so hard.

np – The Decemberists / Her Majesty

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  1. kristen says:

    hey I’m happy to see that at least one blog I nominated made the list.

  2. graig says:

    congrats on the nominations…

    you shall now be bombarded with traffic…

  3. ryan says:

    when I see you on Access Hollywood sippin’ Bacardi with Ben and J-Lo, I’m going to point and say "I knew him back when…"

  4. Five Seventeen says:

    Well congratulations Frank! though I think Best Bloggie is too strange to say over and over. I demand a resurgence of the word weblog!

  5. Frank says:

    I’ll be sippin Bacardi, but I’ll be slippin strychnine into Bennifer’s drinks.

    Don’t worry, I’ll never forget where I came from. I’m still I’m still Jenny From The Block.

  6. Eva says:

    Moby is also nominated in the music category, which would make winning even cooler (’cause you can say that you won something for which Moby was nominated too.)

  7. Frank says:

    Yeah! I can beat up Moby like these guys:


  8. six30 says:

    congrats on your nomination! daysuit and I have voted for you.

  9. Matthew says:

    Congratulations on being the only decent choice of the music nominations. I’m particularly vexed by Moby’s nomination – he’s a musician who blogs about personal and social issues, he does NOT do a music blog. Ech. It’s ridiculous.

  10. Rannie says:

    Congrats Frank,

    You definitely have my support for Best Canadian blog. It’s great to see that people that I know and read have made it into the nominations.

    Just wait till the newspapers start emailing you for interviews.

    After winning last year, I ended up in quiet a number of papers, even months after the facts.

    It’s funny how a blog can become bigger than the person writing it. That’s totally how I felt last year with 3 nominations.

  11. david says:

    Congratulations! I was one of many to nominate you, now all you have to do is put the smackdown on Moby!

  12. wy says:

    don’t you steal most of your stuff from large hearted boy? did he get nominated? how could you frank. and i thought you had ethics.

  13. Frank says:

    That’s enough out of you, Will – I refuse to take lessons on ethics from a law student.

    And I always credit Dave. I didn’t nominate myself, thank you very much.

  14. Victor Ng says:

    Bitch slap Moby! Slap him I say!

    Slap him hard and smile while you do it.

  15. Five Seventeen says:

    In Celebration of Frank’s nomination I made him this. http://…/

    Who will win??

  16. Victor Ng says:

    Five Seventeen – that is funny shit. :)

    My new desktop background.

  17. rob says:

    nice job. you’ve got my vote.