Friday, October 31st, 2003

Happy End Of The World

All The Real Girls is aptly titled, because if there’s one thing this film feels, it’s real. In brief – Noel returns home to her small North Carolina town after boarding school and falls into a relationship with Paul, her older brother’s best friend who has a rather unflattering reputation around town with the ladies. Their story is subtle, funny, heartwarming and heartbreaking, and above all, honest. Leads Paul Schneider and Zooey Deschanel are amazing in their roles. Highly recommended.

Oh yeah, you might note in the credits Matt Chapman is credited as “Strong Bad”. Los Bros Chapman of Homestar Runner fame actually did work on the movie – Mike did graphic design for props and Matt had a tiny non-speaking role. They also did the film website. Also, check out the deleted scenes on the DVD – mostly improvised, they’re hilarious.

Sadly, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if this is how the world ended. Not with a bang, nor a whimper, but a dumb-fuck ass monkey with one access code too many.

Why hello there Alien Vs Predator movie trailer, how are you today? Brief but tantalizing? Good to hear. Y’all take care now – I’ll see you next summer…

Another Elliott Smith memorial, this one from Magnet.

Arab Strap make up for their SARS-cancelled show of this past Summer by playing Lee’s Palace on December 9. No word from their crybaby tourmates Bright Eyes about rescheduling THEIR show.

Good news for all the self-declared music pirates waging war on the RIAA – RIAA Radar is a site that lets you know which albums were released by labels that are part of the RIAA and which ones weren’t! So you can educate yourself and focus your downloading efforts on those labels that are part of the evil cabal that seeks to burn your villages, besmirch your womens honour and insult your pets, while rewarding those labels that stand alone to bring you quality music by deserving artists. What’s that? Making a principled stand against the music industry hegemon isn’t so much a pillar of your manifesto as getting as much shit for free as possible? I’m shocked. Really. I need to go sit down for a minute. Link from Information Leafblower.

Oh yeah, happy Hallowe’en, all you godless pagan heathens.

np – Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham / L’Avventura

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