Thursday, June 26th, 2003

The Fun Of Watching Fireworks

It’s not too forward to declare tonight’s American Analog Set show the biggest surprise of the year. I’d always considered myself no more than a casual fan – I had a couple albums and played them when the mood struck, but I had missed them live a couple times already and wasn’t terribly upset about it. Well we can ratchet up the fan-boy quotient a few more notches. AmAnSet live lay down some unbelievably tight and catchy grooves – even the indie kid will dance. Their hour-long set was so well-received by the crowd that the stunned band had no choice but to come back for a one-song encore, apparently not something they ever do.

Further proof that Toronto loves the AmAnSet was found in the feeding frenzy that ensued when the band brought their merchandise out for sale – like locusts, we bought out all of their t-shirts and copies of the new album, Promise Of Love, in no time flat (yours truly getting the second last copy, Miss Askew getting the last. Hordes more fans not as quick on the draw had to settle for copies of their older albums, and I don’t doubt that most of those would have been gone before all was said and done. To say that they were utterly stunned by the enthusiasm of the crowd would be a grand understatement. I think it’s safe to say that AmAnSet will be coming back to Toronto sooner rather than later, and they’ll be bringing much more swag. I will post pictures from the show soon.

UPDATE: Photos are now up – see them here.

Marty Crandall of The Shins is a lucky man. His girlfriend Elyse is a finalist on UPN’s America’s Next Top Model show.

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