Saturday, June 14th, 2003

Looks Just Like The Sun

Beautiful beautiful day out today. I have got to find my shorts. Or, failing that, buy some shorts. Either way, pant legs have gots to go. Took an aimless bike ride through the city, swinging by some music stores to look at guitars and keyboards, checked out the big community garage sales at Trinity-Bellwoods and the Little Italy street fair in, uh, Little Italy. Nice to finally be out and riding without a coat and just enjoying the fresh air (or as fresh as air in downtown Toronto gets).

The new long-player from Sloan is entitled Action Pact and hits the streets August 19.

Radiohead tickets go on sale next Saturday at 10AM. I am already trying to delegate the hassles of buying them to others… I figure I’m always the one who has to trek to Rotate or Soundscapes to buy tickets for the smaller shows, someone else can deal with Ticketbastard for the big ones. Quid pro quo.

I am looking at my sidebar and noticing that eight of the ten books I have in my ‘Reading’ list are actually comic books. I actually read books without pictures, too. Really I do. I’m sure I have some around here somewhere…

Don’t go anywhere. I’ll find em.

np – Grandaddy / Sumday

By : Frank Yang at 6:27 pm
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