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Friday, February 28th, 2003

A Little Soul

I’ve decided that my music collection is woefully low on soul. Specifically, Stax/Volt stuff. I’m talking about Otis, Sam & Dave and Booker T & The MGs, to say nothing of the stuff I don’t know about yet. There’s a Stax box set that I can get for not too much through Columbia House, but I’m not sure if that might not be a little much for getting started with. Surely there’s some decent definitive one or two-disc compilations out there? Suggestions? I’ll probably have to go back and pad my Motown inventory as well.

This has nothing to do with soul whatsoever – Come on fhqwhgads, everybody to the limit!

np – +/- / Self-Titled Long-Playing Debut Album

Thursday, February 27th, 2003

Sick Day

So yeah, sick won out. I’ve been vacillating between okay and not-so-okay all day. There’s a pretty steady headache and my temperature is up and down. Took a good solid nap this afternoon that doesn’t seem to have changed much. I’m not congested and there’s not much of a cough, but having stepped outside briefly to grab copies of eye and NOW, I’m certain that declaring this a shut-in day was the right thing to do.

Is anyone else going to the Zaireeka show tomorrow night at the Poor Alex? I am assuming I’ll be well enough by then to go and get mind-bent.

I’m also considering going to the Endearing Records showcase at the Silver Dolllar Saturday for CMW. Looks like a nice, diverse lineup.

np – Son Volt / Wide Swing Tremolo

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003


I am walking the knife’s edge between sick and not sick. This morning I was feeling fine and fit. This afternoon I was feeling rough and a little worked over. This evening I am feeling like a very shaky detente between my immune system and whatever bacterial interlopers are making whoopee in my body has been reached, but could collapse at any time. I warned the office that I might not be in tomorrow. Looks like it’s going to be a game-time decision… which means I’m going to have to set my alarm regardless. Nuts.

True to my word, I grabbed the Postal Service album this evening, and threw in the new Minus 5 album for good measure. Intense listening has commenced, pithy and insightful observations to follow. Stay tuned.

The DVD for the Wilco documentary I Am Trying To Break Your Heart is out on April 1. It’s a double-disc set, with loads of great extras. A full list of the DVD contents and opportunity to pre-order, if you feel so inclined, is available here.

np – The Minus 5 / Down With Wilco

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003

Distance Equals Rate Times Time

Had lunch today at Reuben’s Deli down on King St. A little higher than typical deli prices, but man! That’s some fine smoked meat. They say their the same place as the legendary Schwartz’s in Montreal, and I’m in no position to argue. Full points for the waiter who sat us down and told us what we were going to have. Terrific coleslaw, massive pickles, fine fries. And best of all, we had our choice of celebrity tables. It came down to either the table where Bill Clinton sat, or Prince. We chose His Purpleness. I think it was the right thing to do.

Some news involving’s enfant terrible that’s actually music-related. NME reports that Ryan Adams’ next long-player, Love Is Hell, will be delayed from it’s previously announced March 25 release date. The delay is said to be due to the fact that it has taken Ryan longer than expected to challenge every music writer who’s ever said anything unkind about him to a fight.

Enhanced CDs kill my computer at work. I wanted to listen to Unwound’s Leaves Turn Inside You but my stupid machine decided otherwise. STOOPID machine.

np – Doves / The Last Broadcast

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003

A Drop In Time

It occurs to me that I still haven’t watched the Spoon Austin City Limits I taped last month. And the more I think about it, I don’t think I’ve watched the Elton John/Ryan Adams CMT Crossroads from last year. Or the Radiohead special MuchMusic aired when Amnesiac came out. Or was it Kid A?

I think I need to go buy the Postal Service CD today. Yes, I really do think that would be for the best.

I have this to say about content management systems – yes, I understand their necessity in larger corporate structures, and in theory they’re a good solution. But DAMN these things are slow. It’s like coding in molasses. With concrete shoes on.

I am supposed to be going for lunch with Vic, but seeing as how it’s 5 to 12 and there’s been not a peep from him, I think I had best start making lunch contingency plans. Jerk.

np – Mercury Rev / All Is Dream