Wednesday, September 11th, 2002

I Wanna Destroy You

Gotta wonder about the implied sensitivity of listening to this Soft Boys song all day today, of all days. But you know what? There’s enough people being sombre today, no one needs another thimbleful in an ocean of tears.

A very strange day – partly from being totally exhausted after last night’s escapades (yeah, movie and a concert now qualifies in my book as ‘escapades’), I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop all day. Checking news sites round the clock, expecting to discover something horrible has happened but finding only memorials and tributes, all the while refusing to turn on the television…

Kept banker’s summer hours at work today… in at 10, out at 3. I simply couldn’t focus on much for reasons stated above. Came home, crashed for a couple hours… and not just a power nap – crashed HARD.

“Posiitve vibrations shine through all creation” – Robyn Hitchcock

np – The Soft Boys / Underwater Moonlight (duh)

By : Frank Yang at 9:17 pm
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