Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002

I Have The Power!

See that? Little segue off my He-Man rant yesterday! Clever clever.

Got a new power supply for the computer. Compared to the one I got last year that didn’t even survive 10 months, this one’s a beast. Heavy freaking duty! And the fan starts when I turn the computer on, like an obedient power supply should. We are pleased.

Happy moment of the day : saw a man walking his dog. He had a parrot on his shoulder. The parrot didn’t seem to crazy about sudden movements, but seemed content enough, regardless.

Depressing moment of the day : University of Toronto Frosh Week – passed a mob of engineers (mob being the correct English term for a group of engineers) who had ’04’ stenciled on their hardhats. Which means the frosh at Waterloo would have ’05’ on theirs. Mine said ’99’.


By : Frank Yang at 3:58 pm
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