Tuesday, September 10th, 2002

The Lateness Of The Hour

Technically, this should be an entry for yesterday (Monday) but it’s past midnight. So.

Band practice went laaaate tonight. Spent five hours in that room… and with four guys in there, it gets gamey after around two. Yup. Note to self – bring a little fan down there, anything to move the air. Yeck. Anway, tonight was essentially two sessions – the first was getting back into the groove with Craig and amplified Brad. First time in three weeks or so, thankfully we picked up pretty quickly. Only errors were mental ones resulting from my mind drifting a million miles off. We’re picking out some new material for the 25th – looks like a Magnetic Fields cover and another fresh composition, not sure which. We shall see.

After Craig had to leave to feed his cat through a tube, The Laura finally showed up – not a reference to the lateness, which she wasn’t, but the fact that we (well Seventeen anyway) had been playing phone tag and whatnot with this girl for ages and now she was here. We jammed around for about an hour with me behind the kit (!), so it was a bit of a farce from the get-go but she fit into everything quite well, from what I could hear – even with Brad’s cheapo keyboard. She knows how to play and *what* to play – everything fit the song pretty well. Quite pleased about that, we’ll see how things go on Thursday with a full practice and everyone playing what they’re supposed to.

And that was my evening. Now I wait for laundry to finish so I can sleep. Long night planned for tomorrow (tonight) too, going to see Signs then to the Horseshoe to see Marah and Allison Moorer.

np – The Magnetic Fields / 69 Love Songs

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